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The Sport65 Shop Team

Since 1989: Being taken care of by the best...

Stempel_Premiumpartner.gif ... experts in wintersports and passionate skiers themselves!
We are established in the market since 25 years - wondering why?
Due to the fact that we are not just a sports shop but a tour operator and official DSLV ski school as well. Each member of our team profits from a lot of days on and off piste. Testing, reviewing and checking all the gear we sell in our shop. So we are happy to not only pretend to know what we are talking about, we actually know and are not afraid of talking about pros and cons of the gear we sell! This hands-on experience sets us apart from most of the other shops and more over is the foundation of a great service and expert advice we can provide you as a customer. Come by, visit us and experience our passion for skiing first hand!

    Einzigartig! Wenn ein Shop fast 400km entfernt zu den Alpen liegt und 100% des Personals zusammen auf eine 3 tägige Skitour geht, dann ist das mit Sicherheit einzigartig! Dass ihr dadurch bei uns beraten werden könnt wie nirgendwo sonst dürfte ebenfalls auf der Hand liegen. Denn bei uns kennt jeder Mitarbeiter alle Produkte, die wir verkaufen, weil wir sie selbst verwenden und testen. Unser Shop Personal ist als Skilehrer und Reiseleiter bei unseren Reisen unterwegs und im Sommer bei allen Sommeraktivitäten, um im Winter wieder fit zu sein. Wo findest du das sonst noch?
    Karin, our "BOSS" , and one of the founders of Sport65. She is in charge of purchases, sales, bookings and guiding of the trips as well as "her" back office covering the finances. She knows all the numbers! Sometimes she has a hard time with all the guys around, but she knows how to handle them. Besides all the numbers she is the one taking care of the design and decoration of our beloved shop and sets us apart from all the others with her great and unique taste. If you would like to look great on an off piste, do yourself a favour and let her pick out your outfit!
    Jürgen, founder and CEO, in charge of purchases, organisation and guiding of the trips. As well as sales if he is not skiing. Needless to say that he is a really good skier and more over one of the guys that were the pioneers in snowboarding! During summer he is the guy in charge of the tennis business with his background as a former ATP and daviscup stringer he really knows what he is talking about! So if you have any questions on skiing or tennis, give him a call...
    Holger, CEO, DSLV Skiinstructor, organisation, guiding, purchases,sales and the Sport65 website are his duties. Used to work and live in the alps (Davos & Zermatt) before he jumped into Sport65.
    "Inventor" and organiser of the Sport65 freeridecamps as well as sales represantative for Blizzard and Tecnica.
    Skiing since he can walk, telemarking and snowboarding he traveld the whole world to finally become a real expert in wintersports of all kind. Thats the reason why he gets invited as speaker to special events like ISPO Academy, The Snow & Safety Conference etc., besides giving his expert advice to clients in our shop. Come by and get a piece of his passion and knowledge of the sport!
    Marcel, "our" Ex-Sport65 BBA Student & first "Sport65 Bachelor(BBA)". Since 2017 proud to be the 4th CEO of Sport65! DSLV Skiinstructor.
    Sales, office, organisation and guiding of the trips as well as website, and distribution trought the online store are his part of the business. Alongside Holger he is in charge of the freeridecamps so called "Head of Safety Guides" and in charge of the Sport65 Guide-Team. During summer he is running around playing soccer.
    Oh and by the way- the "Ride Night Freeride Filmtour" is his baby as well. As you can see he might still be young, but is already on the way to becoming a pro in the sports business like his three mentors.
    Andi, DSLV Skiinstructor and head of the Sport65 Kidsclub & family trips as well as a Safety Guide on the freeridecamps.
    Andi started working in our workshop a couple of years ago, getting skis and snowboards ready for the slopes. Until now he worked his way up to become part of the Sport65 family being the director of the workshop and rental center. He is a passionate and great skier as well and a crazy about all kind of skiing gear! Let him know if you have any issues with your old gear or are looking for something new. He will most likely have the proper solution.
    Auch hier sind wir im Sommer sehr oft zu finden - wir sind zwar bei Leibe keine Tennis Profis, aber kennen dadurch trotzdem die Unterschiede zwischen den Rackets, den Saiten, unseren Tennisschuhen,... auch das ist sicherlich ziemlich einzigartig für einen Sportshop und zum Nutzen unserer Kunden...
    Flo, DSLV Skiinstructor, was one of our BBA-Students at DHBW Mannheim ( Messe, Kongress und Eventmanagement with Sportmanagement as an add on) and now fully empoloyes at Sport65. When he is not studying he is working in our shop giving real good advices on boots, skis and safety gear, or guiding people to the nicest slopes and huttes in the alps.
    Besides studying and working he is a semi-professional wrestler so no fooling around about prices with him!
    Flo ("shorty"), guide, head safety guide and natural talent in sales and the workshop.
    He worked in our workshop several years and was "THE" guy for the perfect shape of the skis. Sadly he has a "real" job now and only works part time in our shop and workshop or as a guide on our various trips. Flo is a real strong skier but even a better mountainbiker one of the best in germany!
    Findest du uns im Sommer eigentlich fast jeden Tag - wir verkaufen zwar keine Räder, aber Zubehör wie Helme, Brillen, Rucksäcke oder Bekleidung haben wir natürlich am Start und können dich hier fachmännisch beraten!
    Jörg, was one of the first employees of Karin and Jürgen. He was the guy in charge when those two have been traveling around the moutains. Most of our regular customers know and really like him.
    "Regrettably" he finally finished his finaly exams at the university and is working in a "real" job right now. But in high season you will most likely find him helping us out in the shop on weekends. We are happy to have him and can always rely on him. As well as you can! He is an expert in ski boots and fitting!
    Nick, our BA student from DHBW Mannheim - formally the guy in the workshop. A passionate skier and mountainbiker who loves to service skis and boards to perfection. You think your ski is to slow? Give it to him and you will be suprised!
    "Eggy", hat bei uns als "Praktikant" angefangen, weil "er nix besseres zu tun hatte", dabei einen super Job gemacht und gemerkt: Sport65 ist genau sein Ding, weshalb er jetzt seine Ausbildung zum Einzelhandelskaufmann im Einzelhandel bei uns macht. Im Winter ist Leon für die Werkstatt, das Miet & Testcenter sowie auch für den Verkauf zuständig und im Sommer: Bespannt er Rackets, berät euch mit Laufschuhen,...
    Dass Leon auch ein guter Skifahrer ist, versteht sich von selbst - sonst wäre er ja gar nicht bei uns im Shop angestellt und als "Allroundsportler" ist er wirklich zu allem zu gebrauchen...
    Noah, bei uns der zuständige Mann in der Skiwerkstatt. Hat mittlerweile auch schon eine Menge Erfahrung, die er bei uns sammeln konnte und bekommt auch schwierige Reparaturen, wo in anderen Geschäften der Totalschaden vorausgesagt wird, wieder hin! Und Noah ist einer der ganz wenigen "Servicemänner" die selbst super auf dem Ski stehen und damit genau wissen, worauf es beim perfekten Service ankommt - denn die beste Maschine ist nur so gut, wie ihr Bediener...
    Und sonst ist Noah als Handballer in den Hallen der Rhein Neckar Region unterwegs...
    Uli, DSLV Skiinstructor, guiding on Sport65 trips.
    Last but not least!
    Honestly the most important guy working in the background. He is our webhost and programmer so it goes without saying that the great thing that you are able to surf around on our website needs to be credited to him! THANKS!!! Any Questions regarding websites or other IT problems? get in conatct with him trough: + werk-statt +!

We hit your interest and you want to become a part of our team? Go ahead and send us an E-Mail.
We are looking forward to it.

Karin, Holger, Jürgen und Marcel as well as the whole Sport65 Team