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Hokkaido Road Trip Japan, pow(d)ered by Janis

from 3.299,00 EUR


Friday 13 January, 2023
to Tuesday 24 January, 2023
Days: 11 / Ski days: 8
Sorry, over ...


  • Japow: Happy Powder Skiing in Japan
  • 8 full freeride days with UIAGM mountain guides
  • 10 days Sport65 tour guide and travel organization by Janis
  • 10 days rental car with plenty of space and driving service
  • 4x overnight with breakfast in lodge in Niseko
  • 5x overnight with breakfast in lodge in Furano
  • 1x overnight with breakfast in hotel in Chitose (near airport)
  • Optional: 2x overnight stay with breakfast in hotel in Tokyo (can be booked additionally)
  • All local transfers to skiing, onsen, dinner,...
  • ...

 General Information

Hokkaido Road Trip Japan, pow(d)ered by Janis

icon_info.gif The Idea...

After many requests finally once again in the Sport65 freeride program!
Our Sport65 employee Janis makes your Japow dream come true...
Finally he can go back to his former home - the land of the rising sun!
Janis will be your tour guide, organizer and local girl for everything, he has lived in Japan for more than 2 years and therefore knows the country and its people. He has also been looking forward to visiting Japan again for a long time - why do you think?
On this trip we will of course take the "JaPow" classics like Niseko under the boards, but also the somewhat wilder, more unknown and above all: emptier! areas of Hokkaido.
Away from the powder junkie hotspots, away from the westernized area, into the real Japan, into the Japow Paradise.

  • How deep and dry can powder actually be?
  • Is skiing in japan really as much better as everyone says?
  • Why does it smell like rotten eggs and smoke like this on this mountain?
  • Sushi from the supermarket doesn't taste good?
  • How do you wash yourself in Japan?
  • What is nihoshu anyway?
  • Can snow in your underpants really not be annoying?

Questions over questions, which you will get answered very quickly in Japan.

In order to guarantee you the best possible powder runs as safely as possible, we have 2 of our Sport65 mountain guides with us who have already been to Japan themselves - and together with Janis' tips will ensure an unforgettable powder trip in the land of the rising sun! Guaranteed!

icon_info.gif The Trip...

You will start on Friday from Europe with a flight to Sapporo/Chitose, where you will arrive on Saturday around noon due to the time difference.
At the airport we will pick up our rental cars (which will be at our disposal for the entire period on Hokkaido) and drive about 3 hours south to Niseko, the mystical powder Eldorado in Japan.
Niseko is now a household name to almost every freerider.
Famous for its huge amounts of fresh snow, the beautiful volcano Yotei-san (maybe we can even climb it?). - It's up to you and the conditions!) and the powder slopes that are very easy to reach from the ski area.
Here we will stay with you for 3 ski days until Wednesday and depending on the conditions we will play in the powder snow in Niseko and the nearby areas Rusutsu and Kiroro.
What makes our trip special is that we can react perfectly to weather and snow conditions, as we have our own cars and guides available and are super flexible.

Wednesday is our relaxing "down day", which you will probably need too, where we will take a cultural road trip á la Japan to our next tour stop.
On the way we will have a look at the sea - hopefully with snow on the beach, do some sightseeing in a typical Japanese small town and possibly swim in a typical public onsen - Depending on our mood, again we can decide situationally.

During the afternoon we will arrive in Jani's favorite area on Hokkaido, in the less touristy and wilder northern part of the main island.
Why Jani's favorite area? It's colder there and the powder is even drier and above all more durable - and there are clearly fewer freeriders in the terrain... that's why...

Our accommodation and location is in Furano, the entrance to Daisetzusan National Park (Japan's largest national park).
There you can expect a very nice ski area, which was also known from the ski world cup in former times, with many variations for powderhounds.
From Furano we will go at least one day to the legendary Asahidake - the highest mountain on Hokkaido, an active volcano and a sensational area for freeriding and freetouring.
Around Furano there are also a lot of beautiful small ski areas for freeriding and ski touring, which we can reach with a short drive up to max. 60 minutes.
In the Furano region we will have 5 days of complete fun - you will have powder snow in your face and even in your underpants - bet?
No matter if we spend a leisurely day next to the slopes, a ski tour in the incredible nature of Hokkaido or maybe even a round of catskiing (if needed and subject to availability) - here you will experience real Japan feeling in its purest and original form.

"The best snow I have ever skied in! So loose and fluffy, so dry, so much!" said Holger after his first trip to Japan.
"But: please don't expect European standards, don't set your expectations too high, get involved with the country, culture, people - then you will have unforgettable days!"

Then, on Monday after the ski day, after 8 eventful "Japow" ski days, we drive back to Chitose and stay overnight near the airport once again.
So we can already get on our plane home in the morning - One is thus Tuesday in the afternoon/evening (depending on the connection) back in Germany.


You follow the hot tip from Janis:
You fly to Tokyo with everyone - but don't change planes there, get off!
Janis, who has lived in Tokyo, will show you Tuesday to Thursday the capital of Japan, the largest metropolitan region in the world!
Here we will of course visit various sightseeing spots in and around Tokyo, as well as visit the crazy and different parts of the city. Of course, the typical Japanese cuisine with sushi, ramen, okonomiyaki, tonkatsu, etc. must not be missed.
Also, you must have eaten and drank at least once in an original Japanese Izakaya (restaurant). A real experience!
Don't worry there is enough to see in Tokyo, even Janis is missing some spots he didn't see within his 2 years in Japan.
So if you want to stay longer in Tokyo you can and should do that.
Janis will be happy to give you all his tips and share his knowledge of Japan with you.
Info: With a minimum of 6 participants Janis will stay with you in Tokyo and be your "city guide"...

icon_info.gif Information about Spor65 Hokkaido Road Trip Japan:

  • Away from lifts, away from slopes!
  • Downhill-oriented freeriding and freetouring with state-certified UIAGM mountain guides and Sport65 Safety Guides (DSLV ski instructors!).
  • Right into the middle of medium steep to steep terrain with fat powder...
  • Maximum fun while taking into account the avalanche report and alpine dangers.
  • Always with the greatest attention to safety!
  • Small, technically not too difficult ascents with skins - duration (depending on snow conditions, desire of the group and fitness) approx. 20 min to 1 h...
  • We are always downhill oriented, that means:
  • The ascents are not a "ski tour" but serve to gain first ascent experiences, to open beautiful slopes, to find untracked terrain with good snow.
  • The state-certified mountain guides are excellent and experienced freeriders who will be happy to give you tips on skiing tactics or technique.
  • The Safety Guides (unique to Sport65!) are always behind the last person in the group to help in case of falls, guaranteeing smooth runs for the group.
    Safety First!
  • Of course, the guides go intensively into the handling of avalanche transceivers and avalanche transceiver equipment.



  • Condition requirement: MEDIUM
    Skiing is a sport - i.e. a certain physical fitness and condition is of course necessary.
    But what also plays into the Sport65 index is your personal skiing ability - the more confident you are on the skis, the less energy-sapping the ski day will be for you.
    In short: better skiing skills can compensate for lack of fitness...
    - We use the pistes only as a feeder or for the run-in in the morning.
    - We move exclusively in the terrain.
    - The ascents take about 20 min to 1 hr.
    - Our guides try to adapt the intensity to the group or individual participants.
  • Skiing ability:
    - Black runs safe, brisk pace. Easy moguls relatively smooth.
  • Previous experience:
    - Initial off-piste or deep snow skiing experience required.
    - No experience in ascent with skins necessary.
    - Ideally you have already participated in our Basic Camps, but this is not a prerequisite.
    - First experience in using avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe (but our guides will go over this again).
  • Material:
    - Freeride skis or freetouring skis (min. 100mm width) with touring binding and skins.
    - LVS equipment (avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe), backpack.
    INFO: You can rent the necessary equipment here at the registration - our guides will bring it with them on site!
    More comfortable: Can't be!
  • Boarders: Experienced splitboarders (with their own board and enough ascent experience) can possibly participate in the Sport65 Freeridecamps after consultation before booking.
    Or ideally: You are a mixed group or a pure boarder group from 4 persons, then we can organize this for you of course!

icon_info.gif Important information, rules and parts of booking at freeride trips:

  • All backcountry equipment (backpack, beacon, shovel, probe) is required.
  • A ski-backpack which you can carry skis with (no mountain biking backpack).
  • Helmets are compulsory for all camps!
  • Important: We strongly recommend the DSV Skiversicherung (German skiing association ski-insurance) which can be issued during the booking process. .
    A ski (also a rental or testski from us) can be damaged or lost quiet easily and emergency costs are also covered with the insurance.
  • On Sport 65 freeride trips the certified UIAGM mountainguides or Staatliche Ski-Instructors accept responsibility for the group.
  • A remaining risk can not be fully eliminated, even with professionell guides
  • An insurance which covers emergency rescue costs is up to the participant. The organizer refuses to take any responsibility. We recommend you to take out for example the DSV Skiversicherung (DSV ski insurance) - only for EU citizens.
  • Only a limited number of participants can be accepted on each trip. 
  • The minimum number of people on this trip is: 5 people
  • Individual participants can be excluded from a tour or change groups when all requirements are not met and/or when they put themselves, the group or the mountain guides at risk.
    A lack of riding skills, fitness and/or snow is not an acceptation for refund!
  • Sport65 is allowed to cancel this trip 15 days before start in case of not reaching the minium number of participants.
    Any costs for booked transfers or transportation will not be refunded by Sport65.
    If Sport65 bus journey is booked it will be refunded.
  • Participants travelling by their own form of transportation take responsibility for delayed arrival.
  • In addition to that the general terms and conditions shall apply. Feel free to ask for translations.
  • Got your own idea for a freeride camp with our guides?
    If you are a group of at least 4 people (company, ski club, private group etc. ) please feel free to contact us. All destinations at any time are possible!

Hokkaido Road Trip Japan, pow(d)ered by Janis Hokkaido Road Trip Japan, pow(d)ered by Janis Hokkaido Road Trip Japan, pow(d)ered by Janis Hokkaido Road Trip Japan, pow(d)ered by Janis Hokkaido Road Trip Japan, pow(d)ered by Janis Hokkaido Road Trip Japan, pow(d)ered by Janis Hokkaido Road Trip Japan, pow(d)ered by Janis Hokkaido Road Trip Japan, pow(d)ered by Janis Hokkaido Road Trip Japan, pow(d)ered by Janis Hokkaido Road Trip Japan, pow(d)ered by Janis


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As a "real Sport65er" have something very special for you and all the guests you register!
After your registration and payment of your Sport65 trip of the season 22/23 you will get:
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Put your season pass in your wallet and save 20% until 9/30/23 when you visit the Sport65 store!
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More information here...

Leistungen: (im Reisepreis inklusive!)

  • 8 full freeride days with UIAGM mountain guides
  • 10 days Sport65 tour guide and travel organization by Janis
  • 10 days rental car with plenty of space and driving service
  • 4x overnight with breakfast in lodge in Niseko
  • 5x overnight with breakfast in lodge in Furano
  • 1x overnight with breakfast in hotel in Chitose (near airport)
  • Optional: 2x overnight stay with breakfast in hotel in Tokyo (can be booked additionally)
  • All local transfers to skiing, onsen, dinner,...
  • All transfers on site for skiing, onsen, dinner,...
  • Max. Group size 6 persons per guide
  • Security certificate for customer money protection according to §651k BGB of tourVers / Hanse Merkur
  • Sport65 rental service for freeride skis, airbag backpacks, avalanche beacon equipment, always with "Try & Buy" possibility
  • Attention: All material will be transported to Japan by yourself - either you pick it up in our store beforehand, or we send it to you (extra costs!).


Extras and Sport65 specials: (not included in the tour price!)

  • Journey - Flight Europe via Tokyo, Osaka,... to Sapporo-Chitose from 830.- Euro, as of June 2022
    For more details see arrival.
  • Ski passes - these cost between 40.- and 55.- Euro per day, depending on the area.
  • Optional: Additional nights "Tokyo package" - you can book this directly in the booking process
  • Possibly local tax, which is charged in the accommodations
  • Food, drinks (are a bit cheaper in Japan than e.g. in the Alps)
  • Sport65 rental center: Brand new freeride skis with touring bindings and skins or even avalanche transceiver equipment and airbag backpacks can be easily ordered with your booking.
    Attention: All material will be transported to Japan by yourself - either you pick it up in our store beforehand, or we send it to you (extra costs!).

Important information about included and extra services:

  • All services are included in the travel price.
  • Extras are not included and must be paid at your destination or will be added in the booking form.
    Please remember to bring cash to be ready for unpaid extras.
  • Lift tickets: If lift tickets are not included in the price, Sport65 is in charge of providing you with lift tickets we advise that we do not take responsibility for terms and rules of the lift companys.
    In case that we get free tickets we need them for our guides and staff. Special rates do not need to be forwarded to the customer.
    Booking of lift tickets is mandatory.
    Exception: Holders of season tickets or interconnection tickets (like Tirol Snowcard,...) must not buy tickets and can use their own ticket.
    Please note this during the booking procedure.
  • Additional costs for transportation during the trip (bus, train, taxi/cab rides) which are not already included have to be paid extra.
  • Visitor's tax: Will be added in the booking process and paid seperatly from Sport65 to the hotel.
    If not: Visitors taxes are not included in the travel price and will get charged directly by the accomodation to you.
  • Drinks and additional food (which is not included in the service) have to be paid extra.
  • Skilessons from Sport65 DSLV skiinstructors:
    Our trips include ski guiding but no - lessons!.
    Private lessons for novices can be booked on request.
    Group lessons: 2 days á 2x2 hr.: 79,00 EUR
    Group lessons: 3 days á 2x2 hr.: 99,00 EUR
    Group lessons: 4 days á 2x2 hr.: 129,00 EUR
    Private lessons: 39,00 EUR/hr. every additional person 19,00 EUR/hr.
    Min. number of participants for a group lesson is 4 people.
  • Rental gear: Please regard the official terms of cancellation
    Cancellation of a formal and confirmed reservation has to be done by email and will effect the following terms:
    Until the 15th day before pick up date 10,00 EUR
    Until the 3rd day before pick up date 20,00 EUR

    If the gear did not get picked up on the stated day in the reservation sheet the cancellation fee of 80% of the quoted price will get charged. We will process an invoice automtically and send it to the renter. Refusal of the payment will get pursued by law.
  • Please pay attention to our terms! They are mandatory with each booking.
  • Please consider our terms of cancellation.
    until the 30th day before trip 20 % of the travel price
    until the 22nd day before trip 30 % of the travel price
    until the 15th day before trip 50 % of the travel price
    until the 8th day before trip 70 % of the travel price
    no show 90 % of the travel price
    We strongly recommend a travel insurance, that covers a cancellation from you due to disease. We will take out this for you through "HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung" (Travel Insurance). More information about Travel insurance.
    This insurance is not included in the trip price and Sport65 is not responsible for any insurance that is offered by alternative payment methods (such as Creditcard,...).
    If you book for more persons than yourself you also agree in our cancellation rules for those.



Self arrvial byx flight to Sapporo (Airport Chitose)

Arrival - Flight Europe via Tokyo, Osaka,... to Sapporo-Chitose from 830.- Euro, as of June 2022
Lufthansa and ANA include a lot of free luggage (skis!).
Please note: Book the flight only after contacting Sport65 - of course you can also arrive earlier to Japan or extend at the end.
For flight bookings or inquiries about flights, flight times please contact us -.
Please do not book a flight without consulting Sport65, this is the only way to organize a smooth trip!

Recommended flight schedule from Frankfurt:

  • Arrival: Departure Friday 13.01.2023 at 11:30 am with NH or LH from Frankfurt via Tokyo to Chitose (Sapporo Airport) - you will then be in Chitose at 09:45 am on Saturday and drive with our rental cars for about 2.5 hours to Niseko.
  • Departure: Return flight Tuesday 24.01.2023 at 08:30 from Chitose to Frankfurt.
    So you will be back in Europe on Tuesday afternoon (due to the time difference) (depending on the booked connection).

    OR: You come with us to Tokyo and book a stopover in Tokyo Haneda (Narita is quite far away from Tokyo) - again, please check with Sport65.
    Return flight in this case is from Haneda Thursday 26.01.2023 at 11:15 am to Frankfurt.
    So you are Thursday, 26.01.2023 in the afternoon (due to the time difference) back in Europe (depending on the booked connection).

Important information and additions to the journey:

  • For flight bookings or inquiries about flights, flight times please contact us -.
    Please do not book a flight without consulting Sport65, this is the only way to organize a smooth trip!
    The organizer will send a message in time as soon as the minimum number of participants for the trip is reached - only then should the flights be booked.
    For the entry to Japan no visa is required BUT: Your passport must be valid for at least half a year after the date of entry!
  • Sport65 reserves the right to cancel the trip if the minimum number of participants is not reached 15 days before the start of the trip.
  • Sport65 will not reimburse any transport or transfer costs booked in advance - these cannot be assigned to Sport65 under any circumstances. 
  • In case of own arrival, the traveler is responsible for late arrival, as far as Sport65 is not responsible for it.
  • A claim for damages for non-received services does not arise from this.
  • Luggage tips: Please pay attention to the luggage regulations of the airlines. Sport65 does not take any responsibility for excess luggage, not transported luggage (e.g. pressure cartridges for airbag backpacks), lost luggage or luggage arriving too late.
  • If the luggage is rented from Sport65, the renter is responsible for it.
  • Flying with ABS or similar cartridges: Is very difficult in Japan and is not recommended - as of June 2022 it is not a problem with electronic systems such as from Ortovox, Scott, Pieps, etc. You can rent an airbag backpack with electronic system directly when booking.
  • Tip: Take ski boots and ski clothing (gloves, underwear) in your hand luggage, so you have this safely at the start of your trip.
  • Please pay attention to the entry regulations of the destination country. Our obligation to provide information does not change the fact that the travel client is responsible for obtaining and carrying the necessary travel documents and for observing any required vaccinations as well as customs and visa regulations.
  • Please pay attention to any regulations regarding coronatests, vaccinations, etc.




Lodges/Pensions/Hotels Hokkaido Roadtrip

Sorry, no English version...

Die Sport65 Unterkünfte auf dem Roadtrip: Typisch Japan Style!

Die Unterkünfte auf unserem Roadtrip werden typische japanische Skilodges sein.
Wir verzichten hier ganz bewusst auf die "europäisch-amerikanisch" geprägten Hotels der bekannten Hotelketten (die es hier auch überall gibt.
Denn nach unserer Meinung: Wenn man nach Japan geht, sollte man auch "Nippon-Style" wohnen.
Also in kleinen Lodges und Pensionen, mit typisch japanischer Einrichtung und Verpflegung.
Dass man dort oftmals vergeblich die Dusche im Zimmer sucht: Ist normal, denn Japaner/innen gehen eben zur Körperpflege in den Onsen, welche es in fast jedem Haus gibt.
Ihr könnt es uns glauben: Nach dem Bad und der Wäsche im Onsen ist selbst der härteste Powdertag bei eiskaltem Wetter wieder aus den Knochen gespült!
Die Essensverpflegung machen wir dann ebenfalls Japan-Style, nämlich in den Restaurants, die es überall gibt - auch hier schauen wir, dass wir eben nicht in die Pizzeria marschieren, sondern uns kleine japanische Restaurants aussuchen.
Oder: Hast du schon mal Essen am Automaten bestellt? Musst du mal machen - keine Angst, das wird von echten Menschen gekocht - mehr wollen wir hier gar nicht sagen. Muss man erlebt haben!
Die letzte Nacht verbringen wir in einem Hotel in Chitose, direkt bei Flughafen (ok, hier wird es wohl ein "Standard in der Nähe des Flughafens Hotel" sein...).
So sind wir bei Wetter Kapriolen (ihr werdet sehen, wenn es schneit, schneit es dort richtig...) auf der sicheren Seite, dass alle den Heimflug stressfrei erreichen können, auch wenn er früh am Morgen wäre.

Ausstattungen und Leistungen der Unterkünfte unseres Roadtrips:

  • Doppelzimmer mit Toilette oder sauberer Gemeinschaftstoilette
    Die Zimmer sind in Japan eher klein aber immer sehr sauber (was typisch für Japan ist!)
  • WICHTIG: In Japan gibt es keine Bäder in den Zimmern! Das ist dort nicht typisch.
    In den Unterkünften gibt es aber entweder Onsen (für Frauen und Männer normalerweise getrennt) und unweit gibt es immer auch einige öffentliche Onsen, typische japanische Badehäuser, in denen man sich seit Jahrhunderten wäscht, kommuniziert, entspannt.
    Ein absolutes Muss, wenn man in Japan reist!
  • Frühstück in japanischem oder westlichen Stil (keine Angst, i.d.R. gibt es beides...)

Info: Die Unterkünfte werden, wie ihr es von Sport65 kennt (oder schon mal gehört habt), strategisch verkehrsgünstig liegen und eben den normalen japanischen Standard haben - der ungefähr einem 2-3 Sterne Hotel in Italien oder Frankreich entspricht (bis auf die Geschichte mit dem Bad...)

Rund um unsere Unterkünfte gibt es natürlich auch überall bei unseren Stops jede Menge Restaurants und Nightlife, das wir gerne mit euch mal antesten...
Oftmals zu Fuss erreichbar, aber wir haben ja unsere Autos und die Guides als Chaufeure.
In Furano ist Nachts etwas weniger geboten als in Niseko, jedoch kann man mit einem kurzen Fußweg oder auch dem Taxi viele Restaurants und auch ein paar Bars nach dem Skifahren erreichen.
Der klassische Après Ski, wie man ihn aus den Alpen kennt ist nicht annähernd vergleichbar mit der eher gemütlichen Stimmung in Japan.
Lasst euch darauf ein und ihr werdet es mehr genießen, als "Anton aus Tirol" Partys in Europa...

Hokkaido Road Trip Japan, pow(d)ered by Janis Hokkaido Road Trip Japan, pow(d)ered by Janis Hokkaido Road Trip Japan, pow(d)ered by Janis Hokkaido Road Trip Japan, pow(d)ered by Janis Hokkaido Road Trip Japan, pow(d)ered by Janis Hokkaido Road Trip Japan, pow(d)ered by Janis Hokkaido Road Trip Japan, pow(d)ered by Janis Hokkaido Road Trip Japan, pow(d)ered by Janis Hokkaido Road Trip Japan, pow(d)ered by Janis Hokkaido Road Trip Japan, pow(d)ered by Janis


Hokkaido JaPow Roadtrip Gebiete

Hokkaido's top ski resorts with the incredible JAPOW are waiting!

South-West Hokkaido (Niseko, Rusutsu, Kiroro, etc.)

The Niseko area includes the ski resorts of Hokkaido located southwest of Sapporo,
Niseko, probably the most famous ski resort in Japan, is world famous for its famous "JaPow", the best powder snow in the world!
Due to its proximity to the coast, the Niseko area permanently receives large amounts of fresh snow and is one of the snowiest areas in the world.
Niseko is simply a "must-go" if you are on Hokkaido!
Even though it is now very well known and accordingly well visited, we naturally make a stop here on our road trip - because: You must have seen this and "I was skiing in Japan" you simply have to be able to answer the question "have you been to Niseko?" with a YES!

The ski mountain of Niseko, the Mount An'nupuri is "only" 1300m high - but since the "valley villages" around the volcano are only 300m high, you have a remarkable 1000m downhill for Japanese standards.
The ski pass "Niseko United" is valid in the individual areas - which are almost 20km apart at the foot of the mountain, but all meet together at the top. It's just a volcano - big radius, only one peak.
So you can also decide at the top, so to speak, at which flank of the mountain probably the snow is best, the avalanche danger is lowest, the visibility is best.... is.
You just have to know at which altitude you have to start crossing to end up at a lift again - but for these decisions you have our guides....

Kiroro and Rusutsu are 2 smaller, but no less spectacular Hokkaido areas that almost everyone knows from the many pictures that are always circulating through all the magazines and the Internet.
Light birch forests with masses of snow await the powder freaks of the world here - for one day these two are absolute dream areas, located about 1 hour drive from Niseko.
Rusutsu will surprise you first when you see the amusement park at the valley station, that has something extraordinary special...

Central Hokkaido (Furano, Tomamu, Asahidake, etc.)

The most snow with an average of 15-18 meters of snowfall during the season is around Niseko - but not far behind is central Hokkaido, our next stop of the road trip!
But the snow quality is generally even better due to the colder and somewhat drier climate.
There are also far fewer tourists here, which means we have to share the powder with fewer skiers and can immerse ourselves more in Japanese culture.
The ski areas are a bit smaller than Niseko United, but the opportunities for off-piste runs in the famous fluffy JaPow are incredible.

Furano will be our base station for another 5 days of skiing and is the perfect location for a perfect Japan trip!
The area used to be on the World Cup skiing event calendar as well.
The town is a very authentic Japanese small town, with many Japanese restaurants and in the ski area with beautiful powder runs.
The Furano ski area is quite a large (by Japanese standards) ski area with 10 lifts starting at 235m and going up to 1074m. You can enjoy deep fluffy powder right near the lifts after a snowfall.
If it has not snowed for a long time, it is not tragic, because the snow remains extremely fluffy - and we simply climb a few meters with our skins to find the untouched slopes.

From Furano we are within max. 60 minutes in various other ski areas, with the same snow quality and many offpist possibilities.
Kaumi, Tamamu, Sahoro, etc. are to be mentioned here.
Here we will decide at short notice depending on snow conditions, weather, desire and mood where we will ski.

The highlight in all of Japan (according to Janis and according to many reports) is definitely Mount Asahidake.
It is not a real "ski resort" but rather a "backcountry area" and even among experienced "Japan freeriders" a real insider tip.
There is only one big gondola and a few marked slopes (rather drag trails) to get into the deep snow slopes.
Everything else is real backcountry with treeskiing and alpine terrain.
The gondola takes us up to 1600m, where the smell of rotten eggs will probably await us.
Why. Asahidake is an active volcano, which usually smokes slightly.
But no need to worry about an eruption ((::
From the top station we can either start directly via the draw trails in beautiful and sometimes steep runs back to the bottom station or we put the skins on the skis and possibly even climb to the summit of Asahidake with 2291m.
To the summit of an active volcano to ski down - sounds good or?
One more thing: Don't be fooled by the "Austria" altitude, for Japanese conditions this mountain is very high and exposed, which can make the weather very extreme (after all, we are almost in Siberia here).

But what makes Hokkaido so special and unique is simply the already mentioned "JaPow" - the snow is so fluffy that almost everyone can cruise through it - "happy powder skiing"...
On Hokkaido every good skier will get his "powderhigh", because: you almost can't do anything wrong!
By the way: We use freeride skis with touring bindings and skins, because you often have to (or can) ascend briefly to ski other flanks or simply "freetour" for a few hours in beautiful terrain.
What is ingenious here is that due to the "only" low mountain altitude, you have much more air here than in the Alps, for example - try it out, you'll notice!
The areas are top, the facilities are not comparable with European standards - you should not make such comparisons, because you are going skiing and not riding a lift...
You might have heard that there are relatively strict rules for skiing in Japan - but don't worry, that's why our guides are with you!

Hokkaido Road Trip Japan, pow(d)ered by Janis Hokkaido Road Trip Japan, pow(d)ered by Janis Hokkaido Road Trip Japan, pow(d)ered by Janis Hokkaido Road Trip Japan, pow(d)ered by Janis Hokkaido Road Trip Japan, pow(d)ered by Janis Hokkaido Road Trip Japan, pow(d)ered by Janis Hokkaido Road Trip Japan, pow(d)ered by Janis Hokkaido Road Trip Japan, pow(d)ered by Janis Hokkaido Road Trip Japan, pow(d)ered by Janis Hokkaido Road Trip Japan, pow(d)ered by Janis

 Prices and Booking

Trip: Hokkaido Road Trip Japan, pow(d)ered by Janis
Date: Friday 13 January, 2023 to Tuesday 24 January, 2023
Days: 11 / Ski days: 8

Payment conditions:
payable immediately

Prices & Rooms:

All prices are quoted per person including package and all specials as specified

Note: If we do not find a matching person for your booked room due to the current Covid-19 rules your booking will be changed to a single room. We will contact you before the trip in that case.
  3.299,00 EUR
Single room (on demand)
You absolutely want a single room? Please select this option.
We will contact you immediately whether a single room or a double room for single use is possible on this trip and how much the surcharge is.
Attention: If no accommodation in a single room is possible, or the surcharge is too high for you, you can of course cancel free of charge.
  3.999,00 EUR


Please complete personal details correctly and entirely

* for ex. 06.03.1975
  Points with * are compulsory. Without this information we cannot accept the booking.    

In a room with:

If you book for more than one person, you can name the participant you wish to be in a room with.
Note: Each person must complete their own booking!!! (when you proceed you will find a window to write in details of the other participants you are booking for.)!


Additional options to book:

No thanks
No thanks
I want to book the Tokyo package

Verlängerung der Reise bis zum 26.01.2023 in Tokio mit Local Guide Janis.
Ihr fliegt von Sapporo am Dienstag nach Tokio - steigt aber dort nicht um, sondern aus!
Hier werden wir natürlich diverse Sightseeing Spots in und rund um Tokio besuchen, sowie die verrückten und verschiedenen Stadtteile besichtigen.
Natürlich darf die typische japanische Küche mit Sushi, Ramen, Okonomiyaki, Tonkatsu, etc. nicht fehlen.
Leistungen Tokio Paket:
- 2 Übernachtungen/Frühstück in 3-4* Hotel
- Organisation Transferfahrten
- Reiseleitung von Janis
Info: Ab einer Mindestteilnehmerzahl von 6 Personen wird Janis mit euch in Tokio bleiben und euer "Cityguide" sein...
  + 299,00 EUR

Rental equipment:

The next points are only needed in case you would like to have rental or test equipment (Skis, boots, etc). This equipment you can get adjusted before departure in our shop or we can bring it with us to the destination.
Attention: Proper adjustment of the bindings is only possible in our Sport65 shop. On the road we can only adjust the bindings manually. The skis are calibrated and the functionality of the bindings is tested. Due to that fact there is no binding adjustment as per IAS norm possible on-site. The use of rental equipment takes place at the user's own risk. Sport65 cannot be held responsible for binding adjustment without automatic testing. The renter can get his bindings adjusted in a sport shop on-site at own cost.
Sport65 equipment is not automatically insured against breakage or theft.
For the booked rental equipment our rental terms are applicable: For cancellation of rental equipment a handling fee of 10.- Euro will be retained. For cancellation from 3 days before departure 80% of the rental fee will be charged. There is no discount possible for rental equipment retured earlier than planned.

No rental equipment for this person  
Freeride skis with frame-tour-bindings, skins and crampons

To reach the maximum safety and flexibility these ski & bindings with an hiking mode as well as skins are required!
  + 159,00 EUR
Freetouring Skis with Pin bindings, skins and crampons

Those skis are ideal to climb easy, but they still have a great descent performance - they are 90-10mm waisted and equiped with Pin-Tech bindings.
Note: You need skiboots with tech inserts!
  + 199,00 EUR

Rental boots:

I do not need boots

Note: If you do not have own boots please rent them here and we bring it with us!
Touren / Freetouring skiboots with Pin-Inserts

Note: Please fill out the following points regarding size!
  + 84,00 EUR

Avalanche equipment:

You need the complete avalanche equipment. Without this you are not able to go off piste!
You can order it here and we bring it to your destination.
Not needed  
All equipment (beacon, shovel, probe)   + 69,00 EUR
Beacon only   + 49,00 EUR

Freeride Backpack:

Not needed

Note: An airbag backpack is required on any of our heliiskiing trips
Please consider our special prices for safety equipment in the "Duty Free voucher", that you get offered with your voucher!
Airbag backpack   + 129,00 EUR
Freeride backpack with ski fixations   + 29,00 EUR

Ski Insurance:

We recommend a ski insurance for our rental equipment, that covers your rental skis in the event of theft, breakage or damage .

No ski insurance

We offer you the possibility to book a special Ski & Snowboard insurance for your new or rented items!
Area of applicability: For policy holders whose permanent residence is in Europe, insurance coverage applies world-wide. For policy holders whose permanent residence is outside of Europe, insurance coverage applies within Europe.coverage applies within Europe.
No ski insurance
DSV BASIC Ski insurance package

The DSV BASIC insurance covers your skis or rented in the event of theft, breakage or damage.

  • Includes: liability, health, legal and accident insurance (as well as rescue costs)*
  • Valid 12 months
  • With your order you sign the terms of use from DSV Versicherung
  • Sport65 is agent of DSV Versicherung
  • *More informationen here
  • Cancellation rules from DSV insurance are part of this order!

DSV BASIC Ski insurance package
  + 30,00 EUR
Sport65 Mindestschutz rental ski insurance

Your Sport65 rental skis are insured for this rental period.

  • It ends automatically with the end of the trip or rental period

Sport65 Mindestschutz rental ski insurance
  + 20,00 EUR


We strongly recommend a travel insurance, that covers a cancellation from you due to disease. We will contract this for you through "HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung" (Travel Insurance)

More information, services etc. here...

Note: The terms of use of HanseMerkur are part of your booking, the contract is made from you with HanseMerkur, Sport65 is just the agent.

No travel cancellation insurance*

*Please consider the cancelation rules from Sport65
Cancelation costs
From Booking until 30. days before trip 20% of the costs
Until 22. days days before trip 30% of the costs
Until 15. days before trip 50% of the costs
Until 8. days before trip 70% of the costs
After this until trip 90% of the total costs
This cancelation rules are valid from the booking and will be charged in any case.
Note: No exeptions - with your booking you agree with our cancelation rules.
No travel cancellation insurance*
Yes, travel cancellation & holiday guarantee insurance

Description of services >>HERE as Download

- Travel cancelation insurance
Tarif without cost sharing!
Note: Book this insurance for every person in your booking and for the services booked with Sport65 (excl. possible transfers, arrival by train, flight,...)!
For families we can change the rates later, because for 2 adukts & 1 (or more) children we can add the trip costs and give you the cheaper version.
Yes, travel cancellation & holiday guarantee insurance
  + 153,00 EUR
Yes, travel cancellation & holiday guarantee & Covid-19 travel insurance

Description of services >>HERE as Download

All benefits of the travel cancellation insurance and in addition you are covered in the following cases:
  • You have to go into quarantine shortly before the start of your trip
  • You are not allowed to come with us at the beginning of the journey due to increased body temperature
Local, regional or supra-regional quarantine measures, contact or exit restrictions ordered by the authorities are not insured.
Yes, travel cancellation & holiday guarantee & Covid-19 travel insurance
  + 178,00 EUR