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Sport65 Boot LAB Skiboot fitting in Mannheim Weinheim from pros

Even in the summer months, you can book your bootfitting appointment at the Sport65 Boot LAB.
Summer is the perfect time for our "projects"


The Sport65 Boot LAB: Tuning and fitting of ski boots done by Pro's!

Never had the perfect boot? Still problems with your old boot? Suffering of a wide foot and never find the right shell, or to much space in your current boot? As you can see there are many "problems" related to ski boots - but we have the solution to almost all of them. Come by and find out!

The guys in our FIT LAB are all skiers and ski instructors themselves, so they know how a boot should fit and how to make it fir if it does not in the first place.

The Sport65 Bootfitters menus with fit guarantee:
You have the choice, we have the know-how for your ideal ski boot!
You can choose from our various fitting packages and determine the scope yourself.

So purchase without risk!

Das Sport65 Boot LAB Skischuhfitting (beachte hierzu unsere Passformgarantie Pakete - viele der Arbeiten sind dort inklusive!) Pro Schuh  Paar
Digitaler 3D Scan, Fussanalyse und Bedarfsanalyse (Modell, Einsatzbereich)   29,90
Thermische Anpassung der Innenschuhe bei Alpinschuhen im Spezial-Ofen   24,90
Thermische Anpassung der Innenschuhe bei Tourenschuhen oder speziellem Innenschuh (Intuition o.ä.) im Spezial-Ofen   39,90
Thermische Anpassung der Skischuh-Schale im Spezial-Ofen   29,90
Bindung einstellen und einpassen, maschinell überprüfen nach ISO Norm 11088   19,90
Skischuhschale: Eine Stelle thermisch weiten oder verändern 19,90 29,90
Jede weitere Stelle thermisch weiten oder verändern 9,90 14,90 
Skischuhschale oder Innenschuh: Eine Stelle fräsen 24,90 39,90
Jede weitere Stelle fräsen 9,90 14,90
Skischuhschale: Thermisch und mechanisch längen 24,90 39,90
Skischuhschale: Wadenbereich thermisch und mechanisch weiten 19,90 34,90
Skischuhschale: Schnallen oder Strap versetzen (zzgl. Material!)   ab 9,90
Skischuhschale: Absatzplatten wechseln (zzgl. Material!)   ab 9,90
Skischuhschale: Standhöhe DIN konform einschleifen (zzgl. Material!)   39,90
Skischuhschale: Schuh abdichten mit Dichtlippe (zzgl. Material!) 9,90 14,90
ZipFit Innenschuh Fitting - maximale Performance und Nachhaltigkeit im Skischuh!   Bei Kauf: GRATIS 
Worldcup Bootfitting - mit fräsen der Schale, thermisch verformen der Schale, Sohlen-Standhöhe einschleifen     ab 99,90
Einlagen in verschiedenen Varianten, inkl. Anpassung am Fuss und Einpassung in Skischuhe   ab 34,90

All prices in Euro incl. 19% VAT.

In our LAB we work in a "3 steps" System to find the perfect boot

  • 1. Analysis of needs and feet
  • 2. Choosing the right boot
  • 3. Adjustments & Bootfitting

First step: Analysis of needs and feet
First and foremost we will analyse the as-is state of your feet and needs. Besides the classic analysis of hard facts like shape, size and width of your foot. We include various other information in our process of finding out your needs:

  • What level do you have in skiing?
  • How tall are you?
  • What's your current weight?
  • What are you going to do with the boot?
    - For example: High speed on piste skiing, racing, skitouring , freeriding or maybe both? Or a you just looking for am comfy everyday boot...

In addition to the hard facts, these information are mandatory on the way of finding the right boot for you. The first step "analysis of needs and feet" is always free of charge and will be done right away.

Second step: Choosing the right boot
Based on a digital scan of your feet and the first step, we are able to decide which size and model of our big range of boots will suit your needs and feet best..

Within the scan we will as well see if there is a false position of your feet or any anomalies that might need to get supported by a custom fit insole.

Lots of skiers complain about numb feet and and different spots that hurt when wearing their boots all day.
To prevent this, we will find the right combination of boot and insole for YOUR needs. To make sure you can anjoey skiing the whoel day.

Third step: Adjustments / Bootfitting
Now it's time for yout to decide! We provide you different "Fitting Packages" and our guys will give you a brief advice on which one will suit you best. But in the end you can decide on how much money and time gets spent to find the perfect boot.
The third part is key to finding and customizing the perfect boot!

Partnering up with Tailored Fits we can even provide you a 100% customized insole printed in a 3D printer and fitted right into your brand new boot!

More complicated spots like hallux valgus, dents on the ankle, pressure on the calf or any other spot that provides painfull pressure. Can be removed while molding the outer shell of the boot.
We will keep on customizing your boot until it fits perfectly.
And give you a "Fit Guaranty", should the problems not get solved in our LAB. We will take back the boot and try anotherone!

The Outcome:
More controll, a plus on performance, better blood circulation (warmer feet) in the end a mor comfortable skiing experience every day!.

"Do you also foam ski boots or the liners"?
A question we hear from time to time - our answer to this is simple - we don't anymore - because there are simply much better alternatives nowadays, such as ZipFit inner boots, which are filled with a cork material - which means they can be adjusted again and again and are much more durable, direct and warmer than any foam boot! 
And above all: the amount of waste that is produced when foaming is a real thorn in our side - this is also completely different with ZipFit.
What's more, with bootfitting we use the shell a lot - i.e. we build the shoe from the inside out instead of pumping the space in between full of foam.
It's a slightly different approach, but in our experience it simply works much better. 

Please give us a call for an appointment in the Sport65 Boot LAB.