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Contour Hybrid Cleaning Wipe for climbing skins

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Contour Hybrid Cleaning Wipe for climbing skins

To remove dirt from your skins!

Facts in short:

  • Contains: 2 pieces for 1 pair of skins

To clean the adhesive and improve its performance. Also comes with every hybrid skin

 The Story

Contour Hybrid Cleaning Wipe for climbing skins

Contour Skins and Sport65
We partnered with the guys from Austria as soon as they came up with the Hybrid Technology.
During our freeridecamps we tested all the different skins and were amazed by how good they work. Furthermore any of our customers whether it was an expert freerider or a novice liked the easy handling and the advantage of not having to use skin savers a lot. Since that we trust in the Hybrid Skins and use nothing else!
If your are looking to get a new pair of skins, share our trust in those guys and be amazed.



Contour Hybrid Cleaning Wipe for climbing skins

Product: Contour Hybrid Cleaning Wipe for climbing skins

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  • To remove dirt from your skins!
    • Contains: 300ml

    To remove tenacious dirt on hybrid adhesive from your Contour skins and refreshes the adhession!

    (19 % VAT incl.)
  • Super bequemer Hüttenschuh mit Contour Skifell!

    Das "upcycling" Produkt mit unserem Partner CONTOUR!

    • Rutschfeste Sohle aus Kork-Gummi Mischung - auch bei Nässe!
    • Schafwolle, Kork und Wollfilz, in der EU hergestellt.
    • Zusätzliche Dämpfung für einen besseren Laufkomfort.
    • Made in Portugal
    • Material: Kork, Naturmaterial, Schafwolle, Wollfilz

    Zieh dir dein Skifell nicht nur auf die Ski, sondern schlüpfe einfach am Abend oder auf der Hütte in deinen warmen, super flauschigen Hüttenschuh von Doghammer!

    (19 % VAT incl.)
  • Skin impregnation for all kind of skins!
    • Prevents snow and ice from sticking on your climbing skins!
    • Improves gliding and climbing characteristics
    • Ensures optimum gliding characteristics and care of skin
    • Particularly kind to skins
    • Handy pocket format
    • Application: Rub on before and during your ski tour, work in with a polishing fleece.
    • Contains: 50gr/50ml

    Skin impregnation with this universal wax stick for applying to skins and surfaces. For all snow types and temperatures.
    Perfect care for all touring skin types and the surface!

    (19 % VAT incl.)