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Follow the Snow! "Royale"

from 999,00 EUR


Sunday 15 November, 2020
to Tuesday 04 May, 2021
Days: 4,5 / Ski days: 4
Sorry, over ...


  • ROYALE! Feel free to choose every date
  • ROYALE! Where to go? Let's find the perfect destination!
  • ROYALE! Luxurious groups of 1 mountain guide plus max. 4 clients
  • ROYALE! "Fly with the Snow! Package" Heliskiing add-on
  • Refund of not operated vertical meters
  • ROYALE! Sport65 "Carefree package" Incl. transfers, organization, safety guide...
  • ROYALE! Sport65 #travelsafe concept for transfers and van journey
  • OPTIONAL! "Carefree package" available
  • "Sport65 Duty Free Coupon" - Shopping with a 20% Discount on many products
  • Groups from 4 persons, all dates, all destinations - please ask us!
  •  ...


Royal Skitrip!

 Trip description

Follow the Snow! "Royale"

Special cancelation rules season 2020-21 (Corona#staysafe rules!)

In case your booked Sport65 trip has to be canceled due to COVID-19 travel restrictions (list of risk areas issued by RKI) we are going to refund the full travel price or the pre payment. Booked insurance can not be refunded.
Furthermore all payments are insured against insolvency according to §651k BGB from tourVers / Hanse Merkur insurance. You will receive the insurance police right after your booking.


icon_info.gif The concept: Follow the Snow! "Royale"...

Your tailor made freeride trip!
You are at least four people looking for a customized private freeridecamp to the destination and with the achievements of your choice?
#righttimerightplace... that's what it's all about on our Follow the Snow! Camps...
There you go! Feel free to customize a trip fullfilling your needs. Almost any date and destination in europe is possible..
We chose the length of 4 days as we experienced this duration to be the best for a great freeride trip. In case you waht a shorter or even longer trip, no problem just let us know and we adjust the length to your requirements.
In short: Your trip is suited exactly to your requirements.

Sport65 Royale: This Freeride Camp is a Royale Camp - Why?

  • Your desired package, your desired dates, your desired destination - we will make it possible
  • Price range, services, amenities, hotel category, etc. are perfectly suited to your wish
  • Use our long time experience as a freeride specialist
  • Our mountain guides from all over europe know the needs of our guests and the destinations very well
  • OPTIONAL! "Fly with the Snow! package" - Heliskiing suited to your wishes possible
  • Not used vertical meters are refundable
  • OPTIONAL! You can book your "carefree package" incl. a Sport65 trip organizer to fulfil all your needs on-site.
  • This Sport65 trip organizer will be your safety guide make this trip more enjoyabe as he will be skiing behind you, give you tips and information about the equipment
  • Journey to the destination from a convenient location (airports, train stations, etc.) and transfers on-site are possible with the Sport65 #travelsafe concept - for more information please see the section "journey".
  • Use our long time experience and help as a shop as well - perfect ski equipment for our dream-trip
    beacon, airbag backpack, light touring or the fattest freeride skis - everything is possible with our rethal equipment (Try & Buy possibility)

icon_info.gif Your destination...

...It is upon your decision where to go but Marcel and Holger will be happy to help you out. They are always up to date on where the conditions are promising and know almost all the major destinations themselves. So don't be shy and take advantage of their knowledge...

icon_info.gif Required skills for the Royale Freeride Camps:

What to expect...

  • It's a customized camp so moreover you decide what to expect!
  • Experience new untouched terrain and lost valleys accompanied by a UIAGM mountain guide and Sport65 Safety guide. On the hunt for fresh snow, but always with a maximum in safety!
  • Groupsize: Is up to your choice!
  • Short hikes with skins are common, ranging from 20 minutes up to two hours. Depending on strength and ability of the group and first and foremost the snow conditions. If there is fresh powder next to the lifts, we will not start hiking past it. No worries!
    "Skitour" in the end they are only means to an end to reach nice runs and get away from the hustle in the ski resort. Thats why we travel to the destination with the most promising conditions :)
  • If needed we will do some rappelling as well to reach couloirs and untouched faces.
  • More over the mountaing guides teach you how to read a mountain and raise the awareness of alpine hazards and how to handle them.

What we require...

  • Skiing skills: We can adapt the programm individually to the strenght of your group.

  • Fitness level: A base of physical strenght and fitness is mandatory, we will be skiing off piste all day!
  • Previous knowledge: Already spent a lot of time off pist. In the best case you have already joined one of our freeride camps before. So we can guarantee you a lot of fun!
    Experience in hiking with skins is good, but not mandatory
    Experience in rappelling is not mandatory, if needed our guides will show you how to.
  • Equipment: Allmountain/Freeride skis with a min. of 95mm under foot with mountaineering bindings and skins as well as the full avalanche equiptment (shovel, probe, beeper) and a harness. If you need to rent any of this, no problem! Let us know.

icon_info.gif Some basic information regarding our freeridecamps...

  • Mountain guides: We always choose local guides that we know with UIAGM certification to provide the best guiding service possible.
  • Size of the groups: 1 Mountain guide + 4 clients (or more, up to you)
  • Sport65 Reiseleitung ("Carefree package"): If you booked the"Carefree package" There will be a Sport65 Guide with you, taking care of the whole organization at the destination assuring that you can lean back and enjoy your freeride experience to the fullest.
    The Staff will bring the booked rental gear right to the hotel and have some spares if you want to try something else during the trip. Moreover he or she takes care of the transfers during the stay or can even pick you up at the airport or trainstation so there is no rental car needed.
  • Heliskiing included:  If you have booked one of the "Fly with the Snow!" Packages and the flights can not be operated due to bad wheater, high avalange danger or any other issue you will get a refund of the unfullfilled services. Please take a look at the terms in "achievements".

Example of how a journey could look like:

1st day:
The first day is the day of arrival at the destination of your choise. You can either travel there on your own or take advantage of our service if booked in the "Carefree package" )
Arrival at about, ca. 19.30 o'clock at the Accomodation. Dinner, Meet & Greet with the Guide.
Or: Briefing in the morning of the 2nd day, depending on where you are coming from and how long your jounrey is.

2nd-5th day:
4 days of freeriding in a group of 4 people plus one mountain guide. If you have booked the "Fly with the Snow!" Package we will organize the flights depending on snow and wheater forecast #righttimerightplace.
But in general we are very flexibel and plan everything day by day to guerantee a maximum of joy during the trip.
Departure on the 5th day after skiing, if you want to we can come back to the hotel and organize a litlle refreshment etc.

icon_info.gif Important information, rules and parts of booking a freeride trip:

  • All backcountry equipment (backpack, beacon, shovel, probe) is required.
  • A ski-backpack which you can carry skis with (no mountain biking backpack).
  • Helmets are compulsory for all camps!
  • Important: We strongly recommend the DSV Skiversicherung (German skiing association ski-insurance) which can be issued through booking.
  • On Sport 65 freeride trips the certified UIAGM mountainguides or Staatliche Ski-Instructors accept responsibility for the group.
  • A remaining risk can not be fully eliminated, even with professional guides
  • An insurance which covers emergency rescue costs is up to the participant. The organizer refuses to take any responsibility. We recommend the taking out of, for example, the DSV Skiversicherung (DSV ski insurance) - only for EU citizens.
  • Only a limited number of participants can be accepted on each trip.
  • The minimum number of people on this trip is 4 people
  • Individual participants can be excluded from a tour or change groups when all requirements are not met and/or when they put themselves, the group or the mountain guides at risk.
  • Sport65 is allowed to cancel this trip 15 days before start in case of not reaching the minium number of participants.
    Any costs for booked transfers or transportation will not be refund by Sport65.
  • Participants travel by their own form of transportation take responsibility for delayed arrival.
  • In addition to that the general terms and conditions shall apply. Feel free to ask for translations.
Follow the Snow! Follow the Snow! Follow the Snow! Follow the Snow! Follow the Snow! Follow the Snow! Follow the Snow! Follow the Snow! Follow the Snow! Follow the Snow!


Special cancelation rules season 2020-21 (Corona#staysafe rules!)

In case your booked Sport65 trip has to be canceled due to COVID-19 travel restrictions (list of risk areas issued by RKI) we are going to refund the full travel price or the pre payment. Booked insurance can not be refunded.
Furthermore all payments are insured against insolvency according to §651k BGB from tourVers / Hanse Merkur insurance. You will receive the insurance police right after your booking.


All services: (included in travel price!)

  • 4 days UIAGM mountain guide in your private group
  • 4x accomodation in a 2-3* Hotel (Upgrade extra)
  • 4x breakfast
  • 4x half board as add on (not included!)
  • If desired: Training with beacon, airbag backpack, etc.
  • Risk coverage certificate to protect your deposit per §651k BGB from tourVers / Hanse Merkur
  • "Sport65 Duty Free Voucher" - as a Sport65 travel customer you will get many special discounts on items of the Sport65 Premium Partner brands. This coupon will be sent with your travel voucher after receiving the payment.

NEW! "Fly with the Snow!" Package as add on (not included!)!

  • The booked vertical meters will be organized and operated
  • Included in the "Fly with the Snow! Package" : Taxes 10.- Euro p/P per flight
  • **Refund: Flights that can not be operated due to bad wheater or high avalanche danger will be refunded. There will be no refund in case of illness, injuries or lack of fitness.

NEW! Sport65 "Carefree Package":

  • Sport65 guide and organization at the destination
  • Sport65 Safety Guide on "Non Heli-Days"
  • Journey/transfer service with the Sport65 Vans from Weinheim or a pick up on the route, airport etc.
  • Sport65 #travelsafe concept for transfers and van journey - for more information please see the section "journey".
  • Sport65 Rental-Center: We provide you with the latest Freeride and All Mountain skis with freeride-tour bindings and climbing skins.
    We provide you with full avalanche equipment, beacon, airbag backpacks.
    Please note your desired equipment in the booking form!
    "Try & Buy" oportunity: The rental paid will be credited to you at a later purchase!
    Sport65 rental fees...


Extras and special rates: (not included in travel price!)

  • Self arranged journey by plane, train, car,...
    Or: You choose the "Carefree Package" (please see "services)
  • Lift tickets depending on the resort ca. 40.- to 60.- Euro/day
  • Half board package (available in booking form)
  • Drinks and other meals
  • Tourist tax (depending on destination - 2-4.- euro/day)
  • NEW! "Fly with the Snow!" Package
    We offer 3 packages that can vary due to Weather/Snow/Endurance: 

    M: Min. guaranteed 2000m vertical, max. 2500m vertical (8200 feet)
    L: Min. guaranteed 4250m vertical, max. 5000m vertical (16400 feet)
    XL: Min. guaranteed 6500m vertical, max. 7500m vertical (24600 feet)
  • Additional heli flights:
    Additional flights can easily be booked and organized on-site.
    The prices range from about 105.-€ to 205.-€ per person and flight.
  • Sport65 rental center: top of the range freerideskis with touring bindings and skins. As well as avalanche gear and airback backpacks can easily be booked during the booking process.

Important information about included and extra services:

  • All services are included in the travel price.
  • Extras are not included and must be paid at your destination or will be added in the booking form.
    Please remember to bring cash to be ready for unpaid extras.
  • Lift tickets: If lift tickets are not included in the price, Sport65 is in charge of providing you with lift tickets we advise that we do not take responsibility for terms and rules of the lift companys.
    In case that we get free tickets we need them for our guides and staff. Special rates do not need to be forwarded to the customer.
    Booking of lift tickets is mandatory.
    Exception: Holders of season tickets or interconnection tickets (like Tirol Snowcard,...) must not buy tickets and can use their own ticket.
    Please note this during the booking procedure.
  • Additional costs for transportation during the trip (bus, train, taxi/cab rides) which are not already included have to be paid extra.
  • Visitor's tax: Will be added in the booking process and paid seperatly from Sport65 to the hotel.
    If not: Visitors taxes are not included in the travel price and will get charged directly by the accomodation to you.
  • Drinks and additional food (which is not included in the service) have to be paid extra.
  • Skilessons from Sport65 DSLV skiinstructors:
    Our trips include ski guiding but no - lessons!.
    Private lessons for novices can be booked on request.
    Group lessons: 2 days á 2x2 hr.: 79,00 EUR
    Group lessons: 3 days á 2x2 hr.: 99,00 EUR
    Group lessons: 4 days á 2x2 hr.: 129,00 EUR
    Private lessons: 39,00 EUR/hr. every additional person 19,00 EUR/hr.
    Min. number of participants for a group lesson is 4 people.
  • Rental gear: Please regard the official terms of cancellation
    Cancellation of a formal and confirmed reservation has to be done by email and will effect the following terms:
    Until the 15th day before pick up date 10,00 EUR
    Until the 3rd day before pick up date 20,00 EUR

    If the gear did not get picked up on the stated day in the reservation sheet the cancellation fee of 80% of the quoted price will get charged. We will process an invoice automtically and send it to the renter. Refusal of the payment will get pursued by law.
  • Please pay attention to our terms! They are mandatory with each booking.
  • Please consider our terms of cancellation.
    until the 30th day before trip 20 % of the travel price
    until the 22nd day before trip 30 % of the travel price
    until the 15th day before trip 50 % of the travel price
    until the 8th day before trip 70 % of the travel price
    no show 90 % of the travel price
    We strongly recommend a travel insurance, that covers a cancellation from you due to disease. We will take out this for you through "HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung" (Travel Insurance). More information about Travel insurance.
    This insurance is not included in the trip price and Sport65 is not responsible for any insurance that is offered by alternative payment methods (such as Creditcard,...).
    If you book for more persons than yourself you also agree in our cancellation rules for those.



Arrival with the Sport65 Van (incl. in Sport65 "Carefree Package") with the Sport65 #travelsafe concept*

As far as you booked the "Carefree package" you can come to our shop, park your car and relax in one of our Vans till we reach the final destination for the next couple of days. It goes without saying that we can pick you up somewhere on the way, too!
A pick up at an airport or train station is no problem as well. Let us know and we'll be able to get things sorted.

Possible pick-up locations:

  • Sport65 shop in Weinheim (located 50m from Weinheim railwaystation)
  • Along the way from Weinheim to the destination
  • Airports: Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Memmingen, Basel, Zurich, Torino, Milano, etc.

*Sport65 #travelsafe concept: The journey is going to take place following the rules and regulations about Covid-19 with our Sport65 shuttle.
In case we cannot (or want to) travel according to the Covid-19 rules with our Sport65 shuttle we are going to inform you in advance.
In this case you can cancel free of charge or switch to self arranged travel. The difference will be refunded to your account!
Of course we are going to inform you accordingly in advance.




Hotel Follow Royale

Our hotels: Cozy, typical Sport65 hotel in a good location!

Here we need to be flexible - please have good trust in us...
For your Follow the Snow! Royale trip there are 3 factors: 

Flexibility, flexibilitiy and flexibility!

As a trip organizer with more than 30 years experience we are able to find hotels/pensions short-dated - but here is the location the most important factor - as we want to be able to book as late as possible. But of course we are going to meet your requirements.
The price for this trip is calculated on the basis of hotels/pensions with a great location and a minimum of 2-3 stars.
In case you prefer a different hotel category it is no problem for us. We can change the hotel category and adjust the price upwards or downwards, just let us know.

If you book the half board package, of course we are going to check the menu of the hotels - does not matter which location or we go to restaurants for dinner...

Sport65 does not take any responsibility in case your clothes do not fit anymore after the trip...
No worries if you do not book the half pension package, noone had to starve on our ski trips so far. 
Only by being very flexible we can react to the current snow conditions at such a fixed price as we want to go, where our mountain guides see the best conditions deep pow and safety considered.

Amenities and services: 

  • Breakfast in the hotel/pension
  • Rooms with shower/toilet
  • Central location in your desired destination resort
  • Dinner is optional included in the half pension package either in the hotel or a restaurant

IMPORTANT: We calculated the price on basis of a 2-3* hotel in Italy/Austria.
In case you would like to go to Switzerland, we can adjust everything and are going to check the prices with you beforehand.
Same is applicable if you would like to stay in a more fancy hotel or you have very specific requirements to the amenities in the hotel. Here we are going to discuss everything with you beforehand as well.
We are going to let you know the exact location, hotel/pension and timeframe ca. 4-10 day before the start of the trip.

Follow the Snow! Follow the Snow! Follow the Snow! Follow the Snow! Follow the Snow! Follow the Snow! Follow the Snow! Follow the Snow! Follow the Snow! Follow the Snow!

 Prices and Booking

Trip: Follow the Snow! "Royale"
Date: Sunday 15 November, 2020 to Tuesday 04 May, 2021
Days: 4,5 / Ski days: 4

Payment conditions:
Deposit at a value of: 400,00 EUR in the next 3 days.
Payment of balance up to: 31/12/2020

Desired date:

Please note here the dates (arrival-departure day) of your desired trip

Prices & Rooms:

All prices are quoted per person including package and all specials as specified

Note: If we do not find a matching person for your booked room due to the current Covid-19 rules your booking will be changed to a single room. We will contact you before the trip in that case.
  1.149,00 EUR
This price is valid only with booking and full payment for the participants by YOU (who ever is paying and booking for the group)
  1.099,00 EUR
This price is valid only with booking and full payment for the participants by YOU (who ever is paying and booking for the group)
  999,00 EUR
Note: Single rooms can not be guaranteed! If all single rooms are booked we will contact you immediately after your reservation booking
  1.269,00 EUR


Please complete personal details correctly and entirely

* for ex. 06.03.1975
  Points with * are compulsory. Without this information we cannot accept the booking.    

In a room with:

If you book for more than one person, you can name the participant you wish to be in a room with.
Note: Each person must complete their own booking!!! (when you proceed you will find a window to write in details of the other participants you are booking for.)!



We need to know how well you ride in order to divide our groups in to different levels of riding.


I was already in backcountry or powder, but I have no or only a few experience in ascents with climbing skins.

I ski often in backcountry and powder and have some experinece in ascents with climbing skins or handling of avalanche safety equipment.

I want to ski the first time from piste to powder and have no experience.

Additional booking information:

Please give us the requested information to guarantee a perfect course of your trip.
Halfboard package   + 90,00 EUR

Additional options to book:

No additional option  
Fly with the Snow! Package M

Minimum guarantee 2000 vertical meters, maximum 2500 vertical meters
Refund for not used vertical meters:
Per person 40,00 Euro credit per 250 vertical meters to the minimum guarantee
  + 499,00 EUR
Fly with the Snow! Package L

Minimum guarantee 4250 vertical meters, maximum 5000 vertical meters
Refund for not used vertical meters:
Per person 40,00 Euro credit per 250 vertical meters to the minimum guarantee
  + 849,00 EUR
Fly with the Snow! Package XL

Minimum guarantee 6500 vertical meters, maximum 7500 vertical meters
Refund for not used vertical meters:
Per person 40,00 Euro credit per 250 vertical meters to the minimum guarantee
  + 1.199,00 EUR

Carefree package:

Carefree package   + 170,00 EUR
Without carefree package  

Rental equipment:

The next points are only needed in case you would like to have rental or test equipment (Skis, boots, etc). This equipment you can get adjusted before departure in our shop or we can bring it with us to the destination.
Attention: Proper adjustment of the bindings is only possible in our Sport65 shop. On the road we can only adjust the bindings manually. The skis are calibrated and the functionality of the bindings is tested. Due to that fact there is no binding adjustment as per IAS norm possible on-site. The use of rental equipment takes place at the user's own risk. Sport65 cannot be held responsible for binding adjustment without automatic testing. The renter can get his bindings adjusted in a sport shop on-site at own cost.
Sport65 equipment is not automatically insured against breakage or theft.
For the booked rental equipment our rental terms are applicable: For cancellation of rental equipment a handling fee of 10.- Euro will be retained. For cancellation from 3 days before departure 80% of the rental fee will be charged. There is no discount possible for rental equipment retured earlier than planned.

No rental equipment for this person  
Freeride skis with tour-bindings & skins

To reach the maximum safety and flexibility these ski & bindings with an hiking mode as well as skins are required!
  + 99,00 EUR

Avalanche equipment:

You need the complete avalanche equipment. Without this you are not able to go off piste!
You can order it here and we bring it to your destination.
Not needed  
Beacon only   + 29,00 EUR
All equipment (beacon, shovel, probe)   + 43,00 EUR

Freeride Backpack:

Not needed

Note: An airbag backpack is required on any of our heliiskiing trips
Please consider our special prices for safety equipment in the "Duty Free voucher", that you get offered with your voucher!
Freeride backpack with ski fixations   + 14,00 EUR
Airbag backpack   + 72,00 EUR

Additional safety equipment:

Not needed

Note: Harness and carabiner are mandatory safety devices for this camp in Advanced or Expert level - they are our saftey backup in the backcountry!
If you do not own them please rent it here.
Harness and carabiner

Note: Not neccesary for BASIC Level!
  + 14,00 EUR

Ski Insurance:

We recommend a ski insurance for our rental equipment, that covers your rental skis in the event of theft, breakage or damage .

No ski insurance

We offer you the possibility to book a special Ski & Snowboard insurance for your new or rented items!
Area of applicability: For policy holders whose permanent residence is in Europe, insurance coverage applies world-wide. For policy holders whose permanent residence is outside of Europe, insurance coverage applies within Europe.coverage applies within Europe.
No ski insurance
DSV BASIC Ski insurance package

The DSV BASIC insurance covers your skis or rented in the event of theft, breakage or damage.

  • Includes: liability, health, legal and accident insurance (as well as rescue costs)*
  • Valid 12 months
  • With your order you sign the terms of use from DSV Versicherung
  • Sport65 is agent of DSV Versicherung
  • *More informationen here
  • Cancellation rules from DSV insurance are part of this order!

DSV BASIC Ski insurance package
  + 30,00 EUR
Sport65 Mindestschutz rental ski insurance

Your Sport65 rental skis are insured for this rental period.

  • It ends automatically with the end of the trip or rental period

Sport65 Mindestschutz rental ski insurance
  + 20,00 EUR


We strongly recommend a travel insurance, that covers a cancellation from you due to disease. We will contract this for you through "HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung" (Travel Insurance)

More information, services etc. here...

Note: The terms of use of HanseMerkur are part of your booking, the contract is made from you with HanseMerkur, Sport65 is just the agent.

No travel cancellation insurance*

*Please consider the cancelation rules from Sport65
Cancelation costs
From Booking until 30. days before trip 20% of the costs
Until 22. days days before trip 30% of the costs
Until 15. days before trip 50% of the costs
Until 8. days before trip 70% of the costs
After this until trip 90% of the total costs
This cancelation rules are valid from the booking and will be charged in any case.
Note: No exeptions - with your booking you agree with our cancelation rules.
No travel cancellation insurance*
Yes, travel cancellation insurance

Strongly recommended!
- Travel cancelation insurance
Tarif without cost sharing!
Note: Book this insurance for every person in your booking.
For families we can change the rates later, because for 2 adukts & 1 (or more) children we can add the trip costs and give you the cheaper version.
Yes, travel cancellation insurance
  + 62,00 EUR

 Recommended products:

  • NEW! WOW! Surf on Snow? Thats your tool!
    • Dimensions: 147 - 127 - 136
    • Radius: 24,5m (179cm)
    • Rocker: Rocker-Camber-Rocker - FlipCore
    • Weight: 2190gr per Ski (179cm)
    • ...

    This new powder toy is a blast! With a 127mm waist and a super surf construction no powder will be too deep - word!

    (16 % VAT incl.)
  • The updated version of Performance!
    • Weight: 650gr
    • Shell: TLC Shell
    • Certifications: EN 1077 B (Skihelm!)
    • Impact Shields
    • 3D shaped vented lining, Moisture wicking, removable, washable
    • Wide split divider, adjustable
    • ...

    Updated for the upcoming season with new interior...

    (16 % VAT incl.)
  • 27.11. - 04.03.21
    Days: 4,5 Ski days: 3 bis 5
    Date: 30/03/2021 - 03/04/2021
    Days: 4,5 / Ski days: 3 bis 5
    Outstanding freeride & heliski á l´italiano!
    • 3 freeride days (Wed-Fri) with UIAGM Guides and 4 guests
    • INCLUDED! 1 helicopter flight included
    • Fly-Guarantee! Refund for not used heli lift
    • Organization of additional heli flights
    • 4 overnight stays in 4* hotel Gressoney
    • 4x breakfast
    • 4x dinner with different main courses
    • Hotelshuttle to the gondola
    • Sport65 tour organization
    • Sport65 tour operation
    • Free utilisation of the sauna and SPA at the hotel
    • Optional: Lift tickets at a special discount
    • Sport65 #travelsafe concept for transfers and journey with the Sport65 shuttle
    • "Sport65 Duty Free Voucher" 20% special discount on many items in the Sport65 shop
    • ...