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Test & rental center for skis & skiboots in Rhein Neckar area!

Sport65 Weinheim - The rental center for skis & wintersports equipment in Rhein Neckar area!

Get your rental gear at your local shop in Weinheim to safe time and money!
Come by our new shop and feel free to park right in front of the shop to load and unload your gear. Could it be any easier?

Here directly to BOOKING/RESERVATION...

Sport65 "Try & Buy": Really liked your rental gear? No problem! You can either buy the rented gear right away and have the previously paid rental fee taken off the price, or buy a new ski and have the fee taken off.

icon_info.gif Our different rental ski categories in detail:

KidsClub© skis and skiboots: Perfect for beginners and advanced kids!
New skis with controled bindings and perfect fitting skiboots rent at home - this saves time and relaxes the parents on your holiday destination...

Advanced class©: The perfect gear for novices and advanced skiers.
Carving, cruising and even faster short turns are made easy.
Relax and have mor fun while skiing!

Expert class©: Is the first choice for advanced and expert skiers!
Racecarvers, All Mountain Skis, Lady-Raceskis,...if you are looking for a charging ski that keeps up with high speeds in any terrain. Check this categorie out and have lots of fun!

Freeride- & Freetouringskis with touring bindings and skins: Best gear of the current season! Our pool covers nearly everything from light freetouringskis mounted with lightweight Pin-Bindings or Marker Tour bindings and Contour Hybrid skins to fat freeride skis coming with heavy duty Marker Dukes.
If you need any of this gear please make a reservation as soon as possible, due to our freeride- & freetouringcamps the gear is highly frequented.
Safety gear for Freeriders: SCOTT PATROL E1 airbag backpacks or avalanche safety gear (shovel, probe, beacon) mainly from Ortovox.
Early reservations needed!

Sport65 "Buy & Try" ROYALE©:
We mount the ski of your choice!
You already have a particular ski you are looking for and would like to buy but have never skied it?
Don't hesitate and take advantage of our Buy & Try ROYALE© programm: We mount the ski of your chioce or give you advice on which ski to buy.
After your first days of skiing you will son realize that we found the ski of your dreams or that you would like to get something else.
No problem!

You can return the skis and get a voucher of your purchase price minus the the buy and try fee. Cool hm?

Rental days (All prices in Euro incl. VAT)
DOWNLOAD of pricelist
1 2 3 4 5 Woche 9-14 Tage
Ski Advanced Class© 29 49 64 77 87 99 149
Ski Expert Class© 49 69 79 94 109 139 199
Ski Buy & Try ROYALE © 79 89 99 129 149 179 269
Ski-Boots Alpine (only in combination with skis or on demand) 17 23 29 34 39 44 59
Ski-Boots Touring & Freetouring with Dynafit Pin-Inserts 29 44 54 64 69 74 94
Skipoles (only in combination with skis or on demand) 2 4 6 8 10 12 18
KidsClub Juniorskis (up to 150cm) 24 29 34 39 44 49 64
KidsClub Junior skiboots (up to Mondopoint 26,5cm) 14 17 20 23 26 29 39
KidsClub skipoles für Junior skis (only in combination with skis) 1 2 3 4 5 7 12
KidsClub startup Skitouringadapter (fits on regular alpine skiboots in regular alpine bindings, 245-305mm sole lenght) 17 23 29 34 39 44 59
KidsClub matching skins (only in combination with startup adapter or on demand)
10 10 10 10 10 10 10
Freeride Skis with frame touringbindings (Marker Tour, Baron or Duke)
59 79 99 114 129 139 199
Touren & Freetouring Skis with Pin ("Dynafit") touringbindings (Note - you need an own skiboot with tech inserts - you can rent those here too!) 79 99 119 139 149 179 239
Ski-Boots Touring & Freetouring with Dynafit Pin-Inserts 29 44 54 64 69 74 94
Freeride and Freetouring matching skins
(only in combination with skis or on demand)

10 10 10 10 10 10 10
Freeride Crampons for frame touringbindings (only in combination with skis or on demand) 10 10 10 10 10 10 10
Freeride Crampons for pin bindings (only in combination with skis or on demand) 15 15 15 15 15 15 15
Freeride Avalanche beacon ("Lawinenpieps") 15 19 25 29 33 39 54
Freeride Avalanche equipment complete (shovel, probe, beacon) 25 29 36 43 48 59 79
Freeride Airbag Backpack 39 45 59 72 84 99 139
Freeride & Skitouring Backpack (with ski fixation, without airbag!) 5 9 12 15 19 24 34
Crampons for skiboots (skitouring) 20 24 34 39 44 49 64
Snowshoes 20 24 34 39 44 49 64
Iceaxe (for skitouring, not ice climbing) 10 19 25 29 33 39 54
Harness (incl. 1x twist carabiner) 10 13 15 17 18 19 29
Thule skibox Motion XT XXL (without carrier) 39 49 64 74 84 94 149

Problems with skiboots? Than we recommend a visit in our shop!
There you have the choice between different boot fitting packages and we can guarantee the perfect fit!
Check the "Sport65 Boot LAB", the skiboot fitting experts!

Terms of the Sport65 Test- and Rental-Center:

Rental terms for wintersport equipment (german version)
Rental terms for bikes (german version)

Formal reservation/booking:
Having received the final quotation of Sport65 the renter can confirm the booking of the requested gear to the stated dates. The reservation will become valid as soon as the security deposit of 20.- euro has been received. Either paid in the shop or wired via regular bank transfer. Without the security deposit and the final confirmation of Sport65 a reservation is not mandatory.
The Booking can be done trought an online booking or directly at our shop in Weinheim. Resverations by phone are not effectual.

Rental duration & packages wintersports:
We count the days when you use your rental gear. You do not pay the pick up and return day.
For example: Pick up Friday, return Monday: 2 days rental, pick up Thursday, return Monday: 3 days,...

  • Week rental: Pick up Friday or Saturday, return Monday one week later.
  • 9-14 days package: You need the gear longer than a week, than this is your package.
  • Day rental: Pick up from 3 pm, bring back next day until 6 pm.

Return of rented gear: Always the first workday after the last rental day until 6 pm.
If the return day is a holiday we will contact you.
Please consider our rental rules.They are part of the rental contract.

Rental duration bikes:

  • Daily rate 24h: Pick up your bike and return it the next day (24 hours later)
  • Wednesday-Ride: Join our bike group every Wednesday and return the bike after the tour
  • Weekend L: Pick up Saturday from 10 am, return Monday until 11 am
  • Weekend XL: Pick up Friday from 10 am, reture Monday until 11 am

Pick up / drop off of the E-Bikes is only during the Sport65 opening hours possible.

Terms of Cancellation:
Not used or previously returned gear will not get refunded.
Cancellation of a formal and confirmed reservation has to be done by email and will effect the following terms:
Until the 15days before pick up date 20.- euro
Until the 3 days before pick up date 30.- euro
If the gear did not get picked up on the stated day in the reservation sheet the cancellation fee of 80% of the quoted price will get charged.

Booked rental gear for any Sport65 trip or freeridecamp:
If you order rental gear during the booking process of any Sport65 trip or freeridecamp and cancel it afterwards. We will charge a handling fee of 10.- euro.
A cancellation of the ordered gear later than 3 days before departure of the trip will get charged with with a cacellation fee of 80% of the already stated amount in the order.

NOTE: Cancellation costs will be hold, balance will be credited from us (not be paid)

Sport65 "Try & Buy":
Really liked your rental gear? No problem! You can either buy the rented gear with 3 days and have the previously paid rental fee taken off the price, or buy a new ski and have the fee taken off.

Sport65 "Buy & Try" ROYALE:
We mount your dream skis! You get a ski from our huge skiwall, buy it with the option: To give it back!
The Buy & Try fee (scroll down) will be decreased from your purchase price and you will get a credit voucher about the rest of your payment. You can use this voucher on all our range - as well as on our skitrips! Cool or not?

Insurance/Liability of the renter:
Rental gear is not insured trough Sport65 in the first place. The renter is hold responsible for the gear in sum of the resell price when destroid, heavily damaged, lost or in case of theft.
If the gear is returned in realy bad shape so that the regular service programm is exceeded, additional treatments will get charged!
We highly recommend a rental insurance trough DSV, detailed information can be found below...

Adjustment of the binding:
Setup will get adjustet to regular standarts if skis and boots get picked up at the Sport65 shop and the needed information are provided.

DSV Ski und Snowboardinsurance:
We recommend the DSV ski insurance against damage, loss or other cicumstances.
Please find all the needed information to terms etc. here>>