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Tecnica Mach1 M.V. Concept T-Drive 22/23

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Tecnica Mach1 M.V. Concept T-Drive 22/23

The limited edition with maximum performance & fitting!
  • Flex: 130/140 adjustable
  • Last: 100mm
  • Hike/Walk Mode: No
  • Solepads: ISO 5355 Alpine Pads, optional: GripWalk sole blocks
  • Shell: C.A.S. PU-Carbon Fibre Shell construction
  • New T-Drive carbon connection of shell/cuff
  • Liner: C.A.S. liner, thermally adjustable
  • C.A.S. Tongue: The tongue is perfectly adapted to your shin by heat
  • 45mm Powerstrap with Power Lock Booster closure
  • 4 micro adjustable aluminium buckles with Lift Lock system
  • Tecnica RECYCLE YOUR BOOT programme
  • ...


Tecnica Mach1 M.V. Concept T-Drive 22/23

Mach1 Concept: Powered by Carbon Fibre - fully customisable, the ultimate on-piste ski boot!

Our Premium partners support the Sport65 guides on our sport trips!

This product is used and tested at the Sport65 Sports Trips by our guides.
We guarantee great function and high quality workmanship.
You can test many of those products during our sports trips in winter and summer!

Tecnica Mach1 - the magic name in skiboot industry stands for pure performance and precise fit with an ultimate level of customization.
This perfect fitting and maximum performing skiboot range from Tecnica has become synonymous with high performance, great fit and: with C.A.S. - the ultimate in customization of shell and liner, that we as bootfitters use day by day to provide skiers with their individualized skiboots!
Whether you are a low volume, a medium volume or a high volume fit, you know you will get great performance in a great fitting boot with extensive customization capabilities. Tecnica now provides the ultimate fit, performance and customization for every foot shape and volume as well as every kind of skiing.
The focus of Tecnica Mach1 series in all different flex levels, male or female models is very clear:
The boot should fit to the skiers feet - and not the other way around...

The MACH 1 MV Concept TD is the limited, matt black edition of the MACH 1 MV 130 with more boost and performance.
It stands for high performance on the piste.
Designed for skiers with average width feet, this boot sets new standards in performance, fit and adjustment. It scores with a 130 or 140 flex, an individually adjustable strap made of C.A.S. material and a shaft end with injected carbon plate.
The T-Drive technology, a connection of the shaft end with the shell, fundamentally improves the power transmission of the shoe and provides a fatigue-free and intelligent flex, enabling longer and more relaxed riding. In addition, this boot has a stable flex even in the most varied temperatures.
Demanding skiers will really appreciate the shell with asymmetrical power transmission, which means all the power goes directly into the turn.
One thing is clear - with the Mach1 MV Concept TD you have the wheel firmly in your hand. Let's get out on the slopes!
If necessary, the shell and inner boot can be individually adjusted thanks to Tecnica C.A.S..
Your boot will fit you like never before and you'll be making your turns on the mountain with a unique product!

Natural fitting from the industry, combined with the Know How of Sport65 Boot LAB:
Open the buckles, step in, close the buckles - it fits!
Does not work? It does! After a scan of your feet and a detailed analyses of your needs we can find the correct volume of last and boot for you.
With the C.A.S. system on the liner and shell of the Tecnica boots we get provided with the allmost perfect fitting of a skiboot by Tecnica.
Anatomical fit, that is the magic word from Tecnica - the boot is built around your feet.
Heelgrip and a individualized footbed are the key to avoid pressure or pain - and to provide the highest level of performance a skiboot could give!
Now it is our turn in the Sport65 Boot LAB: Due to the many oportunities the Tecnica C.A.S. liner and shell we can work as much as you need with our special tools - the result: A pair of skiboots you never had before - exactly adapted on your needs. Therefore we recommend to come to our shop, because due to this reason you should buy at a boot specialist...

Problems with skiboots? Than we recommend a visit in our shop!
There you have the choice between different boot fitting packages and we can guarantee the perfect fit!
Check the "Sport65 Boot LAB", the skiboot fitting experts!

Important at online sales: Check out the right size and idealy the additional soles that your boot fits as good as possible!

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Check the video - even if it is in German language you will understand the message from Flo...

Tecnica Mach1 M.V. Concept T-Drive 22/23 Tecnica Mach1 M.V. Concept T-Drive 22/23 Tecnica Mach1 M.V. Concept T-Drive 22/23 Tecnica Mach1 M.V. Concept T-Drive 22/23 Tecnica Mach1 M.V. Concept T-Drive 22/23 Tecnica Mach1 M.V. Concept T-Drive 22/23 Tecnica Mach1 M.V. Concept T-Drive 22/23 Tecnica Mach1 M.V. Concept T-Drive 22/23 Tecnica Mach1 M.V. Concept T-Drive 22/23 Tecnica Mach1 M.V. Concept T-Drive 22/23

 Technical Details

Tecnica Mach1 M.V. Concept T-Drive 22/23

  • Flex: 130/140 adjustable
  • Last: 100mm
  • Hike/Walk Mode: No
  • Tecnica RECYCLE YOUR BOOT programme
    Haven't heard of it yet? Then click on "The Story" - by buying a new Tecnica ski boot you can give your old boot a second life instead of just throwing it away...
    How does it work?
    See "The Story"...
  • Solepads: ISO 5355 Alpine Pads, optional: GripWalk sole blocks
  • Shell: C.A.S. PU-Carbon Fibre Shell construction
    The C.A.S. Shell has an anatomical shape that matches the shape of the foot. This allows for a better out-of-the box initial fit. The dimples on the shell offer less surface tension and facilitate heating, making customizing the shell easier. The shell retains the new shape better and longer.
  • T-Drive carbon connection between shell and upper: The innovative power transmission through a carbon brace that connects the upper to the shell is groundbreaking - this makes the shoe much more responsive and at the same time offers unprecedented precision in terms of progressive flex behaviour.
  • Liner: C.A.S. liner for perfect fitting
    C.A.S. has revolutionized ski boots with regards to fit and personalization. The liners are anatomically shaped for optimal comfort and offer great heel hold. The internal part of the liner is shaped to match the foot while the exterior matches and conforms to the shape of the shell. The dual density micro-cell material is durable and easy to customize. The C.A.S. liners are less prone to pack-out maintaining the fit over a longer period of time.
  • C.A.S. Tongue: The tongue is perfectly adapted to your shin by heat - this significantly reduces pressure pain, open spots and ensures direct contact from the inner shoe to the shell!
  • 45mm Powerstrap with Power Lock Booster closure
  • Large toe box for extra comfort in toe area
  • 4 micro-adjustable aluminium buckles with Lift-Lock System
    With the innovative Lift-Lock system, the buckles can be opened wide and set up by the ski boot so as not to hinder the entry and exit for the foot
  • PU - Quick Instep: Here softer materials are used in the entry zone, which let you slide into the boot more easily

icon_info.gif About TECNICA C.A.S. Technology...


 The Story

Tecnica Mach1 M.V. Concept T-Drive 22/23

icon_info.gif RECYCLE YOUR BOOTS - Tecnica recycles your old ski boots!

Tecnica is contributing to a greener, better future with its new "Recycle Your Boots" project.
Since even small contributions have an impact, we at Sport65 are of course taking part in this project.
Plastic waste is one of the biggest problems / challenges of our time.
However, plastic per se is not a bad material. Since Tecnica's ski boots are mainly made of plastic, the company wants to take action and do its part to improve the situation and give a second life to a ski boot that really can't be used anymore!
And not just recycle the plastic - the entire boot is dismantled, the aluminium parts are recycled and after shredding, filling material is obtained from the inner shoes.
The recycled plastic is used to make parts of the new ski boots and other plastic objects.

How does it work?

  • You buy a new TECNICA ski boot at Sport65.
  • You hand in your "old" ski boot to us for recycling (Exception touring shoes with fixed Vibram sole!)
  • We at Sport65 collect the old ski boots until they are worth transporting
  • The old boots are collected from us by FERCAM
  • The company LaPrima Plastics disassembles the ski boots into their individual parts.
  • The recovered secondary raw materials are reprocessed
  • The University of Padua supervises the whole process

Tecnica's "Recycle Your Boots" project was accepted and financially supported by the LIFE programme, a support programme for environmental, nature and climate protection.

To learn even more about the project: See HERE


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Tecnica Mach1 M.V. Concept T-Drive 22/23

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Product: Tecnica Mach1 M.V. Concept T-Drive 22/23

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