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Marker Kingpin 13 Black Red 21/22

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Marker Kingpin 13 Black Red 21/22

NEW! With the new carbon powered toe pice!

Facts in short:

  • DIN range: 6 up to 13
  • Recommended Riders weight: +60 - max. 120kg
  • Weight: 680gr (Piece, with brake!)
  • Brakes: 75-100mm or 100-125mm (selectable)
  • New carbon reinforced toe piece
  • Wide drilling pattern 38mm
  • Very low stance for feeling
  • ....

The new version of this legendary binding system lost allmost 10% weight compared to the last version.

Brakes width:


Marker Kingpin 13 Black Red 21/22

NEW! More step in comfort and more performance due to the new lighter toe piece!

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logo_powdermag2.gif "In 2006, Marker changed the game with the Duke. Now, the same can be said about the Kingpin, which will probably make its much heavier cousin obsolete. Offering a unique DIN/ISO certification for a tech binding, the Kingpin is a lightweight touring companion that provides retention, releaseability, ease of touring, and bomber skiability. While the toe maintains the two-point connection made familiar by Dynafit, the heelpiece has an alpine-like wide contact around the boot. This not only provides retention and release, but the reliable “thunk” of stepping in. Going back and forth between walk and ski mode is still not as easy as a Dynafit, and there’s a lot of plastic on that heelpiece, but if you travel with just one setup or spend the majority of your time out of bounds, the Kingpin is a serious competitor to the Beast." ( Powder Magazine Test 15/16)

The innovative Kingpin redefines the performance standard for Alpine touring bindings.
The new version of this legendary binding system lost allmost 10% weight compared to the last version. The reason is the new toe piece:
Carbon fiber reinforced material for improved stiffness and super lightweight. And new Anti Ice Pads in the base of toe prevent icing in critical area.
The Kingpin’s unique toe and heel pieces are the culmination of years of R&D testing. Ease of use and best of all, great power transmission while on the descent mean that you can have a perfect day in the backcountry on the Kingpin. The latest version now includes a two spring toe based on the Alpinist technology. This safes 80g per toe without losing performance! The Kingpin offers tremendous walking and step-in comfort, wide drill pattern and XXL Power Transmitter for impressive power transfer. Including climbing aids from 0° to 13°.

"In developing the KINGPIN, our overall goal was to engineer a frameless PinTech-based binding comparable with conventional alpine bindings in terms of performance, comfort and especially protection. We've invested much time and countless meters of vertical drop in the design process, and believe that the new KINGPIN represents a real revolution in the ski touring area. We're proud to have produced the first PinTech binding to gain DIN ISO Norm 13992:2007 certification."
Michael Mangold – Director of R&D at MARKER

Note: Binding prices in conjunction with skisets count only in combination with the ski and are including mounting and pre-adjustment.
Skisets with bindings are only pre-assembled and not adjusted according IAS rules.
The correct adjustment must be checked in a shop with your original skiboots.
If you will grap your skiset in our shop in Weinheim and bring your boots with you, we will do that for free...

Marker Kingpin 13 Black Red 21/22 Marker Kingpin 13 Black Red 21/22 Marker Kingpin 13 Black Red 21/22 Marker Kingpin 13 Black Red 21/22 Marker Kingpin 13 Black Red 21/22 Marker Kingpin 13 Black Red 21/22 Marker Kingpin 13 Black Red 21/22 Marker Kingpin 13 Black Red 21/22 Marker Kingpin 13 Black Red 21/22 Marker Kingpin 13 Black Red 21/22

 Technical Details

Marker Kingpin 13 Black Red 21/22

  • DIN range: 6 up to 13
  • Recommended Riders weight: +60 - max. 120kg
  • Weight: 680gr (Piece, with brake!)
  • Brakes: 75-100mm or 100-125mm (selectable)
  • New carbon reinforced toe piece
  • Wide drill pattern
  • Very low stance for feeling
  • Direct power transmition due to the oversize heel part
  • Easy and fast change between hike and ski

icon_info.gif Kingpin Key Technologies:

KINGPIN Heel – Maximum power transmission and direct energy transfer
Unlike traditional PinTech bindings, the revolutionary KINGPIN heel construction offers ideal power transmission:  the XXL Power Transmitter is designed with wide contact points to hold the heel of the boot broadly along the outer edge. This eliminates any play in the tipping forces when initiating a turn, transmitting those forces directly from the binding to the ski. Because the steering impulse in skiing is largely initiated from the heel, the KINGPIN's heel stands out for its undiminished, direct power transfer. Further enhancing this effect is a wide (38mm) hole pattern. The heel can be switched from walk to ski mode even during critical situations like challenging steeps, quickly and simply.

KINGPIN Toe Piece – reinforced and new Anti Ice pady for greater safety & performance
The new Power Spring, produced from high-quality steel, delivers increased energy absorption when compared with traditional inTech toe pieces.
It is much easier to step in and holds firmly also in critical situations and holds the boot powerfully and securely in place.
One major benefit of KINGPIN is that, when the toe of the binding is in ski mode the skier still has the security and retention needed for high performance skiing. Individually adjustable guide points position the boot properly to make clicking in extremely easy. The crampon bracket is permanently integrated into the toe piece. As with the heel piece, the toe piece also has a broad drill pattern of 38mm.

KINGPIN Climbing Aids – Simple to operate
KINGPIN offers three climbing positions (0°, 7°, and 13° at a sole length of 310 mm), thanks to two
integrated climbing aids These helpful tools are easy to fold in and out using the tip of a ski pole. They
are positioned in the center of the heel piece for easy access.

KINGPIN Brake – Two brakes for any width
The KINGPIN is available with two different brakes, one for skis 75-100 mm in width and one for skis 100-125 mm in width). The brake system contains advanced safety features, including a system designed to lock the brake automatically when switched to walk mode, and to unlock it immediately when switched back to ski mode. When the heel of the boot steps in, the brakes also fold inward, eliminating the classic problem of the brake arm protruding far beyond the ski. The brake can also be easily changed.
Brakes for waist up 100mm included.
125mm brakes are available on an extra charge of only 19.- Euro (instead of 39.-!).
Please order them in the Configurator...

Crampons – Bracket on the toe pieces
For extra challenging climbing situations involving ice or crusty snow, crampons can be conveniently mounted on the toe pieces of the KINGPIN. Crampons are available in 90, 105, and 120mm.
Important: Dynafit Crampons fit as well!



 The Story

Marker Kingpin 13 Black Red 21/22

This product is "made in Europe"!
Always a main focus in the Sport65 range!
Sporting goods that are produced with the shortest possible delivery routes, are as climate-neutral as possible and are of value to the economy as a whole.
Developed, produced and distributed by people who know their sport and work under fair conditions and wages.


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Marker Kingpin 13 Black Red 21/22

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Product: Marker Kingpin 13 Black Red 21/22

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Brakes width:

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