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Contour Skin trim tool

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Contour Skin trim tool

Simple use, fast trimming for all skins!

Facts in short:

  • Super easy trimming tool for any skin type!

Super easy trimming tool for any skin type!
By paying attention to the smallest detail, Contour designed a radically new skin trim tool that allows you to quickly and easily trim climbing skins leaving the perfect edge reveal and eliminating any repositioning of the skin during the process. This tool can be used for any type of skins and every brand!


Contour Skin trim tool

Product: Contour Skin trim tool

 Recommended products:

  • Skin impregnation for all kind of skins!
    • Prevents snow and ice from sticking on your climbing skins!
    • Improves gliding and climbing characteristics
    • Ensures optimum gliding characteristics and care of skin
    • Particularly kind to skins
    • Handy pocket format
    • Application: Rub on before and during your ski tour, work in with a polishing fleece.
    • Contains: 50gr/50ml

    Skin impregnation with this universal wax stick for applying to skins and surfaces. For all snow types and temperatures.
    Perfect care for all touring skin types and the surface!

    (19 % VAT incl.)
  • For fast edge tuning...
    • Angle adjustable 1-5°; 90-85°
    • Aluoxyd stone 20x30mm included
    • Contains: 1 Edge Trick incl. 1 oxid stone

    The small pocket tool with aluminum oxide stone, for easy and quick re-finishing the side edges, on the slopes also. Ideal to remove the burr.

    (19 % VAT incl.)
  • Professional binding mounting!
    • Drill diameter: 3,6mm
    • Drill lenght: 9mm

    Special binding drill for alpine skis.
    You will find the required drill size marked on your skis.

    3,6 is normally the drill size for skis without titanal or touring skis.

    (19 % VAT incl.)