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Ortovox Probe Alu 240 Light

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Ortovox Probe Alu 240 Light

Ultra light and super stable!

Facts in short:

  • Lenght: 240cm
  • Weight: 235gr
  • Pack size: 41cm
  • Aramid traction system
  • Shorter segments for more compact pack size
  • ...

Lightness, speed and safety: The ALU 240 LIGHT is the probe for all weight-oriented winter sports enthusiasts. At only 235 grams, it is incredibly light and ready for use in seconds thanks to the quick-release strap and the Quick-Lock tensioning system. The tension can be easily and quickly readjusted at the optimised adjustment screw. The voluminous probe tip, which has a significantly larger diameter than the probe elements, promises better penetration. We have also optimised the probe segments, which now have a more compact pack size. This means that the ALU 240 Light fits easily into your touring rucksack.

 Technical Details

Ortovox Probe Alu 240 Light

  • Lenght: 240cm
  • Weight: 235gr
  • Pack size: 41cm
  • Aramid traction system
  • Shorter segments for more compact pack size
  • Quick-Lock tensioning system
  • Quick-release sleeve
  • Quick-release loop
  • Adjustment screw for optimal tension
  • Depth marking
  • Visual guidance system
  • Voluminous probe tip

 The Story

Ortovox Probe Alu 240 Light

Our Premium partners support the Sport65 guides on our sport trips!

This product is used and tested at the Sport65 Sports Trips by our guides.
We guarantee great function and high quality workmanship.
You can test many of those products during our sports trips in winter and summer!

Ortovox and Freeridecamps, powered by Sport65...
...A love & grandiose cooperation for many years!
Ortovox is not only our long-time partner with its avalanche safety equipment, but also the outfitter of our freeride travel team.
Why do you think that is? Because we are thrilled by the quality and the smooth, cooperative partnership!
But that is only one side of the coin:
We share the philosophy of this German company!
Not growth at any price, sustainable production in Europe and fair working conditions are at the top of the Ortovox banner.
To find out more about this here...

Freeridecamps pow(d)ered by Sport65...

Who is Sport65? What can you expect at our freeride camps?
What are the differences between the different levels?
How much is ascended, how much is descended?
Which material do I need?
With which people do I spend my precious free time?
Questions over questions that Marcel and Holger will be happy to answer for you here!

Have fun - see you in the snow!



Ortovox Probe Alu 240 Light

Product: Ortovox Probe Alu 240 Light