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Ortovox Avabag Carbon cartridge

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Ortovox Avabag Carbon cartridge

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  • Weight: ca. 310gr (filled)
  • Only for use in Ortovox Avabag systems

Light, small and compact: the AVABAG CARTRIDGE CARBON weighs in at just 310 grams when full. The carbon cartridge can also be simply and intuitively installed and removed.

 Technical Details

Ortovox Avabag Carbon cartridge

Weight: 310gr

Avabag in planes:

AVABAG avalanche airbags are generally permitted aboard an aircraft according to the general rules of IATA (International Air Transport Association). However, as the IATA regulations are only a framework every airline is free to pass stricter regulations. Therefore, approval from the airline is necessary.
We recommend that you inform the airline about the AVABAG and provide the extract from the IATA table and the data sheet which describes the content of the cartridge before booking your flight.
It is very important that the cartridge is checked in together with the AVABAG. Please print the section from the IATA table and the data sheet and attach them to your AVABAG backpack. This is to ensure that the purpose of the cartridge and backpack is obvious to the airport staff. If you check in the cartridge and backpack separately, they may be confiscated!

  • Remove the cartridge. But it's very important that the cartridge along with the ORTOVOX AVABAG is put in your hold luggage. This is the only way to ensure that the connection between the cartridge and the backpack is obvious to airport staff.
  • If you transport the cartridge separate from the ORTOVOX AVABAG avalanche airbag, you risk having the cartridge removed by airport staff!
  • We also strongly recommend that you enclose the extract from the IATA handbook and the data sheet.
  • Contact the airline and ask about their regulations.


Ortovox Avabag Carbon cartridge

Product: Ortovox Avabag Carbon cartridge

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