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Blizzard Sheeva 11 19/20

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Blizzard Sheeva 11 19/20

REDUZIERT! 2020 model - Highest Performance freeride for girls!
  • Dimensions: 139-112-129 (172cm)
  • Radius: 17,5m (172cm)
  • Rocker: Rocker-Camber-Rocker
  • Weight: 1950gr (172)
  • ...

The Blizzard Sheeva 11 Skis are a new powder freeride option that will have strong appeal to women who love the deep and steep.



Blizzard Sheeva 11 19/20

The lightest freeride ski on market?

Holger had the oportunity to the new skis in Japan in January 2017: "I never skied a more variable and playful ski than the Rustler! I loved Gunsmoke, the Zero G 108 was my favourite ski the last 2 years - with Rustler 10 or 11 you have the best mix out of both under your feet! Definatly, no matter what others might say: GEIL!" 

"The Rustler wants to be quicker and easier than the typical Blizzard—there’s less metal and more of a freestyle shape. But it’s still a Blizzard: Rippers who play hard and go fast are going to get the most out of it. Testers detected a mellow looseness in the tip and tail, but said that’s balanced with strong midbody edge-hold that won’t let you down on groomed snow. “Two thumbs up,” said Gooding. “Any decent skier will enjoy, but it likes to be on edge.”
Strengths: Playfulness, Quickness/Maneuverability, Flotation" (Test Ski Magazine, 17/18)

  "Blizzard has a reputation for making skis that take strength and commitment to ride properly. But a half hour later, I was confidently skiing the rocky and exposed Dictator Chutes. Hungover and grinning, I was beyond pleased to be on these skis. The Rustler 11 is pure confidence wrapped in a solid yet nimble package. The amount of rocker in the ski makes them bridge the gap between pinned carve turns and “give it a second then smear the tail” slarves. Blizzard’s Dynamic Release Technology reduces the side-to-side stiffness in the tip and tail of the ski, taking the bite out of the initiation and exit of the turn. It also reduces leg fatigue."
(Skiers Choice, Test US Powder Magazine)

The Sheeva 11 is the ideal backcountry ski. Founded on an innovative waist concept — the longer the ski, the wider the waist — it gives women freeriders more float, even over steep terrain. Blizzard’s women-specific Carbon Flip Core makes it substantially lighter without impacting on stability. The Dynamic Release Technology makes it a little softer in the rocker and stiffer underfoot. So the Sheeva 11 is a proper women’s freeride ski that won’t shy away from big lines.
The Blizzard Sheeva 11 Skis are a new powder freeride option that will have strong appeal to women who love the deep and steep.
Strong and stable but still easy to push into a turn thanks to a new D.R.T. (Dynamic Release Technology) design, the Sheeva 11 uses a lightweight multi-layer, multi-species core and Blizzard s now-famous Carbon Flipcore construction to let you charge as hard as you want without weighing you down.
Light and playful, yet stable and confidence inspiring, the all-new Sheeva 11 with Carbon Flipcore D.R.T. technology, women’s specific construction, and a new progressive shape and rocker profile, is the answer for lady shredders of all types seeking the ultimate powder ski.
Ski better and have more fun while seeking out those special, pristine untracked stashes on the mountain. Free to Fly

About the Blizzard freeride range...
The "progressive Freeride line" of Blizzard is here - light, stable, playfull - all the needs that freeskiers have on their gear!
Rustler 9, 10 & 11, the big SPUR and the women skis Sheeva 9, 10 & 11 were specifically developed for performance in softer snow. They are designed to maximize fun and playfulness in a variety of conditions and terrain and are specifically engineered to achieve it.
While they are fun and playful, they are also strong enough and burly enough that you’ll see these skis used by some Blizzard Big Mountain Freeride Athletes who helped in the development of these new skis.
This super successfull range uses Blizzard’s Carbon Flipcore D.R.T. Technology that uses specifically designed sheets of titanal that provide torsional stiffness under foot while keeping the weight at a minimum in the tips and tails.
This helps make the ski ultra-maneuverable while still feeling solid and powerful under foot.
Two layers of carbon fiberglass further enhance the skis energy, torsional stiffness, and ability to hold an edge.
Another special on the new Blizzard line: All models (expept SPUR) increase their waist with getting longer - that makes sense to adapt the whole ski to the rider and not just the lenght.

Blizzard Sheeva 11 19/20 Blizzard Sheeva 11 19/20 Blizzard Sheeva 11 19/20 Blizzard Sheeva 11 19/20 Blizzard Sheeva 11 19/20 Blizzard Sheeva 11 19/20 Blizzard Sheeva 11 19/20 Blizzard Sheeva 11 19/20 Blizzard Sheeva 11 19/20 Blizzard Sheeva 11 19/20

 Technical Details

Blizzard Sheeva 11 19/20

  • Dimensions: 139-112-129 (172cm)
  • Radius: 17,5m (172cm)
  • Rocker-Camber-Rocker:
    Ski profile with a rocker at the tip and tail, camber in the middle. Reducing the pressure on the edge at the tip and tail makes the ski even easier to handle and increases floatation on powder snow. The camber guarantees great grip on packed snow in any case.
  • Weight: 1950gr (172)

icon_info.gif Blizzard Carbon Flip Core D.R.T. technology
This new technology uses a strategically designed sheet of titanal that is full width under foot and tapers as you reach the tip and the tail. This retains power and stability under foot while allowing the tips and tails to be lighter, softer, and make the entire ski more playful. There's also uni-directional carbon in the tips and tails and an anti-shock layer underneath them to reduce tip deflection in variable snow.

  • Optimal pressure distribution on the edges
  • Skis are extremely easy to use and manoeuvrable
  • Floatation effect
  • Stability at high speed
  • Natural flex
  • Great grip and stability

 The Story

Blizzard Sheeva 11 19/20

This product is "made ??in Europe"!
A major concern in our assortment!
Sporting goods, which are produced with the shortest possible delivery routes, climate-friendly and macroeconomic value.
, produced and sold by people with knowledge about their particular sports and who work under fair conditions and wages.


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Blizzard Sheeva 11 19/20

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Product: Blizzard Sheeva 11 19/20

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